Friday, 11 November 2011

Lest we forget...

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, of the 11th year, let us remember those brave fighting men who gave their lives in the past to preserve the glorious freedom we revel in today. If it weren't for them, we'd still be suffering with evil doers like Adolf Hitler and Archduke Ferdinand, and their unsavory accomplices. And what better way is there to remember the sacrifices of war than by watching racist propaganda cartoons from the 1940s? It's marathon time! Let's break into this with Private Snafu, the very essence of entertaining wartime animation! Here is 'Spies', which is probably the best of the Snafu cartoons(Which is saying alot, because they're all great): Another perennial classic is 'The Ducktators', a brilliant work of satire, and the best cartoon directed by Norman McCabe. You can't celebrate war cartoons without the notorious 'Bugs Bunny nips the nips', which is probably the most offensive war cartoon ever made. It's pretty funny, too. Viewer discretion is advised. Animator breakdown: 0:58-1:56 Manny Perez 1:57-2:25 Virgil Ross 2:26-3:35 Gerry Chiniquy 3:36-4:07 Ken Champin 4:08-5:41 Virgil Ross
5:43-6:52 Dick Bickenbach 6:53-7:24 Virgil Ross 7:25-8:04 Gerry Chiniquy That one where Daffy Duck bashes Hitler in the head: Dick Bickenbach handles the scene at 2:07 with Daffy singing. Ken Champin animates the first half of the phone booth sequence before handing it off to Gerry Chiniquy at 5:24. The "Mess of Messerschmidts" scenes are by Phil Monroe. And of course, Donald Duck verses the Japanese stereotypes!
I hope you've enjoyed this politically incorrect showcase. I don't support or believe in any of the views presented here in anyway; I'm only amused by them.
Oh, and I wish my best to anyone who is getting married today! Being 11-11-11, it's supposed to be good luck.


Steven Hartley said...

Nice set up with the videos Zartok, but Remembrance Day is usually remembered for those who fought in World War I. But, it wasn't only WWI, it's for any battle. So, you have brought in a good choice of WB video clips.

Zartok-35 said...

There is a much wider range of remembering here in Canada. It's a shame there are no cartoons made in WWI!

Yowp said...

Well, Zartok, Winsor McCay did the Sinking of the Lusitania. That counts as a WW1 cartoon.

Steven, when I was a kid there were still WW1 vets at the local cenotaph on the 11th and some much younger looking vets from WW2 (the cenotaph was next to Anglican Church where our Cub Scout pack met). So it's been used to honour people who fought in both wars for a number of decades now.

Sanek said...

Hey Zartok, I just read your post and posted mosaic of "Spies" on my blog, check.
And please, stay online about 20 minutes - I post something special!