Wednesday, 23 November 2011

100 Years of Ray Patterson

100 years ago today, Raymond Patterson was born. He went on to have an interesting carreer in animation that spanned several decades and productions. In 1954, Ray Patterson and Grant Simmons started their own animation company aptly titled 'GrantRay' animation. They did mostly contract work from other animation companies. They started off by doing 2 cartoons for Walter Lantz, "Dig that dog" and "Broadway bow-wows": In the mid-1960s GrantRay did some work for Hanna Barbera, contributing animation to "Hey there, it's Yogi bear", and the "Pebbles' birthday" episode of The Flintstones. I can't tell what Ray did in the episode, but here's some Carlo Vinci animation for you: Rest in peace, Mr. Patterson. You and your work are not forgotten!

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