Sunday, 4 September 2011

A New Member...

Recently, I've been having a hard time with posting on this blog, as I've felt I couldn't say much. Since I'm very busy with my reviews on my other blog: Likely Looney, Mostly Merrie; I felt that I can't handle two blogs at once, it's very hard work. Plus, I start school tomorrow and it's going to be a very busy year with exams and I can't manage two blogs in such a busy year, only stick to one.

I've decided that to keep this blog going, I decided to get a team member to join my blog and write posts, if interested. I chose a blogger if he wanted to join my blog and write posts, and he was very happy to so do. The person who will be posting more often is Zartok-35 (Elijah Hall) who you've may been familiar in comments from other blogs. He's a very intelligent fellow, with a very interesting background in animation, and also very good at identifying animators, with such a great knowledge of locomotive steamtrains (that counts as culture). I can trust him very much with this blog, and I've spoken to him many times, with such brilliant knowledge, and is a nice person.

I will come back once in a while with posts (particularly on Snow White), but Zartok-35 will be controlling on the upcoming posts, while I will still run the blog, but not do too much posting on it. I hope you will be fine with this idea, and I'll see how this goes.

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