Sunday, 4 September 2011

Animators on Duck Amuck

Hello, everyone! I am Elijah 'Zartok-35' Hall, and Steven has asked me to do some extra posts on here while he isn't as available. I have some experience in running my own blog(which I don't use too much for some reason), and like I always say, I know a fair bit of stuff about arts and culture!

Well, let's cut to the chase! A little while back Steven and I worked out an animator breakdown for Chuck Jones 1953 classic, "Duck Amuck". Throughout this episode Daffy Duck is pushed around by an animator, resulting in a few angry rants, and some interesting exploration of Daffy's character. The animators are Ken Harris, Ben Washam, and Lloyd Vaughan. The Ben-Lloyd-Ken cartoons are usually pretty easy to figure out.

0:26-1:54 Ken Harris
1:58-2:24 Lloyd Vaughan
2:25-2:54 Ken Harris
2:58-3:35 Lloyd Vaughan
3:37-5:35 Ben Washam
5:42-5:58 Lloyd
5:59-6:21 Ken
6:22-6:29 Ben

Ken Harris handles the majority of the work in this cartoon, and has top billing in the credits. Ken does what is probably my favorite scene in the cartoon, at 2:40; the sound effects and expressions come off really well. The introduction to this cartoon is one of the scenes identified in Thad Komorowski's Ken Harris 'Animator reel'.

Ben Washam is famous for coining Daffy's remark "Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin!". In this cartoon Ben gets to do the longest uninterrupted stretch of animation, lasting almost two minutes, and "Ain't I a stinker?" at the very end. As always, his work is elegant and appealing, and drawn with wide cheeks.

A very good example of Lloyd Vaughan's draftsmanship is at 2:19, where Daffy breaks the guitar. The eyes are particularly round, and one of them is taller than the other. Lloyd had a tendency to draw his characters with strange tall eyes. As the 1950s wore on, Lloyd drew this way less, but he never really stopped.

Well, that's all for now, folks. I'm glad to be part of the organization! I'll see what else I can come up with in the coming days.

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