Wednesday, 31 August 2011

With a Soup, With a Bowl...

Hiya, I'm still a long way from making the "Dwarfs song" sequence, and in the meantime I forgot to add the sequence in which the dwarfs have soup, with a musical number in it by Frank Churchill and Larry Morey.

As you know, this sequence was cut from the film because it was too slow-paced, and the gags weren't really that funny. Also, it was pointless because we've already seen enough of the dwarfs, and the tub-washing sequence and the soup sequence both don't have connections with the story, but the tub-washing remained because it was funnier.

Ward Kimball is known to have animated all the sequence, but there are other animators too: Ward Kimball only animates the entire song score (with Grumpy by Bill Tytla), and then he animates them briefly again in the scenes of the dwarfs practicing how to be mature while slurping soup, "Spoon in the hand, bending the wrist, into the bowl and out with a drip!" - that's Kimball. Grim Natwick animates the entire scenes with Snow White featured. Even Bill Roberts gets a chunk to animate, (most of the scenes with Dopey swallowing his spoon isn't featured in the film, but it's still all Roberts). There are also scenes animated by Fred Spencer (who animates the beginning) before the song, Marvin Woodward and Dick Lundy do at least one or two scenes each.

I suppose that there is one continuity in the film, that the soap finally comes out of Dopey's stomach, but I never thought you could hiccup from swallowing a film, I thought you would more likely choke. But, it still doesn't follow up the plot, and the song isn't so great too. If that survived the film, the audience probably would've got bored because there was too much comedy. I think it was the right thing to do, cut the sequence out - even though Ward was furious about much of his work in that sequence cut and wanted to leave, so he got to be an Animation Director on Jiminy Cricket instead.

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