Saturday, 13 August 2011

When I Came Home From My Holiday Today...

...I heard about the news that involved a lot of rioting and looting across cities in the UK such as (London, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc.) and the whole riot showed a lot of chavs or teenagers in their hoods breaking into shops and smashing buildings with an excuse to steal items from shops claiming that they can't afford it. That's no good at all, and a very bad excuse.

The rioting started on August 6, and I was just on my cruise on that first day - and hearing about the riots. I thought it was awful, and I admit - I was quite worried. It all started when it started off as a peaceful protest after the shooting of a criminal named Mark Duggan, and it turned out that the protest went out of hand, and became a huge riot. Well, this is just from what I've heard. From that point, there was looting and rioting going on in many areas of London (Tottenham, Hackney, etc.) I have a sister living in Hackney, but thank goodness she's away and is in a honeymoon. I hope their apartment is ok, since their area was quite trashed.

This here is a local London man who protested against the whole riots, and I remember watching that live in my cruise cabin, and I couldn't stand hearing it and I turned it off!

By August 8, almost everywhere in London had looting going around - I had friends living in Croydon and I heard about the experiences, that I do not wish to say, but they're fine now - I recall watching it on television with flames at nighttime and also rioters burning a car. The next day, the rioting was spread around north and there was also an incident where there were 3 guys in a car, and they got killed by the rioters. This is just a tragic, and it's tearing the whole country apart.

David Cameron must have been really ticked off when he found out that the UK riots were going on and that they were worse than ever. He even had to cancel his holiday early to try and sort out the riots and end it once and for all. He attended the COBRA meeting and ordered thousands and thousands of London police to take care of the streets all around London, and even suggested using a water cannon for any further rioting. In that case, not much rioting was going on and the police started to arrest the looters and sending them to prison. It may take months to arrest all the looters and rioters, but the police are DEFINATELY going to arrest every single one even if it's the last thing they do!

What was funny to hear was that there were 10 year old kids and 11 year olds that were looting because they thought that the police weren't going to arrest them because they were too young to go to prison. Erm, thick heads(?) - the legal age of being sent to prison here in the UK is actually aged 10, and you're obviously not going to get away with that. There was even one looter who thought he was doing the right thing and thinks he won't get caught, and thinks he's such a smart-ass, and saying "Oooh, they can't send me to prison - because the jails are over-crowded" - that's BALONEY! Well Mr. Looter - the jails may be overcrowded, but there's ALWAYS room for one more...

I admit that I was kind of worried because I was worrying that the rioting or looting could come to Horsham (the town I live in) and I thought that there was a slight chance, but a very fat chance because it's outside London and there isn't such to break into. Anyhow, I was relieved to hear that the rioting officially stopped on August 10th, I knew I would come back home today safely (and I did).

I would die a happy man if those police would keep those vile looters as long as they would live, they've basically ruined our country. Think about next year, at the 2012 London Olympics - tourists from other countries are going to think Britain is a dump because of all the looting.

Anyhow, I'm sure glad this whole looting has stopped - and I hope not to see another huge riot again (well, you'll never know).

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