Friday, 26 August 2011

A Third "Paranormal" Adventure?

Recently, I bought the DVD of Paranormal Activity 2 as part of my birthday money, and ever since about a year ago - I used to brag on about the new sequel and how exciting it would be. I saw the film only a few weeks ago - on my own. I heard about what people thought of it at school, they seemed to shiver with fear, I remarked "If you want to see something REALLY scary, then watch the first Paranormal Activity film!"

As I watched Paranormal Activity 2 the film was more or less "hit and miss". There were so much footage that showed the family that I thought was pointless, the whole concept isn't as scary as the original film, and considering that the film was set before the first film, it makes it less scarier, and the trailer looked much scarier. The film was quite disappointing at times, and I must say there were some scary moments.

In the meantime, only a few weeks ago - I saw the "new" trailer for a Paranormal Activity 3! I thought that this was crazy, the second one was mediocre, and now a third one? Here is the trailer:

The trailer actually takes back MUCH EARLIER than the other movies. Instead, the movie shows two girls named Katie and Kristi (both as adults in the other films) and it appears to be that they are children, and that this is where the haunting began with the demon. The trailer didn't look very scary, and I suppose that it won't be as scary.

The child actresses playing the two girls actually do look a little scary themselves. That's as much as I can say. I guess that the trailer is meant to show stuff that isn't much scary and that the scarier stuff will be shown in its theatrical release. The film will be released on October 21, 2011 - and I probably will see it.

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