Sunday, 14 August 2011

Corny Cole Interview

Due to the recent passing of an animation legend Corny Cole (1930-2011), Michael Barrier has quickly posted an excellent and interesting interview of Corny Cole, and there is some very interesting discussions on the people who worked for Chuck Jones, and also some hatred.

He described Chuck as an "asshole" when it started off that he would take Cole out for lunch if he was an assistant animator, and when he was an animator - he would ignore him. Also what interested me was that Cole seemed to be an assistant for a few months and an animator for the next few months and then back to assistant, because he had no assistant animator while animating.

Cole also mentioned that only Chuck's story guys made his cartoons great like Michael Maltese or Tedd Pierce, and that when Chuck was trying to write a cartoon on his own it was "atrocious".

He also seemed to be cold towards legendary animator Ken Harris, and also describing him as a fascist, and at one time when Corny was struggling on a scene Ken bellowed "Goddammit, Cole, if you can't get that scene right, you'll never get it right," and Cole muttered "F*ck off you old fart" behind his back. It seemed that in a way Cole, was one of those youngsters who felt they would talk behind the older animator's backs.

I find it interesting that when he mentions that there is a difference in talent - like Ken Harris is a natural animator, and he could just animate a scene quickly because he wanted to do his own hobbies like tennis, driving a car or play snooker - and Ken didn't bother whenever or not he would ruin a scene. Dick Thompson, was an animator who struggled at animation and it meant a lot to him.

Cole not only had a career in Warner Bros. but he also worked at Disney for a brief period of time, inbetweening on Lady and the Tramp and also working for studios like UPA, and on the animated feature Raggedy-Ann & Andy.

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