Sunday, 17 July 2011

Snow White Mosaic: Part 8

As promised, here is the new entry for a Snow White sequence - and this one is quite annoying because there is so little animator information here, and the usual no director or layout credit. I'll still try and go through as much as I can - even with not many information here.

The animation is mostly credited to Ham Luske here - and he animates Snow White here, and he appears to animate on behalf of the animal animation in the scenes where Snow White. The scenes only showing the animals have no animator credit - but there's only one shot of the turtle climbing up the stairs by Louie Schmitt - who later became a key animator on Bambi.

The sequence mainly focuses on Snow White and the animals (again), we see that they have finished cleaning the dwarfs' house and that they have nothing else to do - so they check upstairs curiously to find out what's up there - the animals follow. As soon as Snow White enters the bedroom, she's delighted to find nice looking beds in there. She reads the names of the seven dwarfs carved on the beds, and still mistaken them for children. As soon as she reads dwarfs' last name mentioned, "Sleepy" - she feels rather "sleepy" and as of the other animals, too. So, they start sleeping - and just as they were making themselves quite comfortable, they hear mysterious voices (of the seven dwarfs) and they all rush downstairs to see what's all the noise about?

It's a safe bet that Ham Luske planned and animated some of the animals in the uncredited shots - as well as animating the remaining uncredited Snow White shots. I assume that maybe Milt Kahl or Bernard Garbutt animate around here. The turtle is probably still animated by Louie Schmitt - and I think that shot 16 would've been animated by Kahl or Algar because there's a different animator's style there. The "take" shot of the turtle in shot 16 sort of remind me of Bill Melendez or Rod Scribner's work on Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies except maybe not as wild or as extreme.

Speaking of the turtle, we get to know the turtle a bit better in this sequence, and some good personality there. All the other animals are capable of going up the stairs quickly - while as for the turtle, it takes him a bit of time and effort to climb up the stairs, so he bites the top of the stairs to climb himself up. After all the effort of climbing up the stairs - and making it. His luck changed, and all the animals scram downstairs and the old turtle falls down the stairs, with bumps, and skids with his shell. It's quite an amusing shot - and it's a shame that we don't know who animated it.

The only known animal animator that animates here is Louie Schmitt for one scene - and he was an uncredited animator. Ham Luske was the animation supervisor for the animals as well as for Snow White - and he gets his share of the animals in this sequence, but that's about it.

It appears to be an early draft in this sequence because not only that there are many scenes without animator credit - but also that there are certain scenes that are not mentioned in the draft, and even some reworking that needed done there.

Shot 10 with the bird extinguishing the flame out with it's wing cap - I wonder why the feathers did not burn?

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