Sunday, 3 July 2011

Snow White Mosaic: Part 6

As tomorrow will be Independence Day for the United States, and that I'm away during the week. Here is the mosaic for the Whistle While You Work sequence, like I promised. I know that my postings may be goofed - and that I'm unavailable, but that doesn't mean I'm gone.

The sequence immediately starts as soon as the song starts, which is appropriate - as soon as the birds chirp and start the chorus, with Eric Larson starting the song. The working sequence is a very illustrious sequence in Snow White, and notice that in the shots - a lot of it focuses on the animals cleaning up, and that Snow White doesn't appear in very many shots. Although, it's safe to say that Grim Natwick animates the bulk of Snow White in this sequence, with one shot interrupted by Jack Campbell.

What I like about this sequence is that the animals get their responsibility for their rise to shine. I like the gags that are involved in the animals, because it shows that the animals would be capable at cleaning the house and certain struggles that are part of the gag. There are anatomies of the animals are are part of the gags, like the squirrel in shot 9 has a larger tail to dust away the cobwebs in the ceiling, while the chipmunk in shot 10 has a smaller tail, and couldn't be able to do pull away the cobweb very easily and slips and happy landing, lands into a sock.

I must say the song written by Frank Churchill and Larry Morey, was a very well-known that it has been spoofed several times on television and films. The sequence has been parodied in Enchanted where the Princess and the animals clean up in the awful song Happy Working Song. Even the popular British comedy series Dad's Army had spoofed the song into a very funny verse: Whistle while you work - Hitler is a twerp - he's so barny, so's his army - and whistle while you work.

The animals cleaning up the house really shows what character animation really is, and it shows a clear explanation that the animals have personality, and that they can help out Snow White with the chores, in order to please the dwarfs. There are numerous gags here in what the animals do, and some of the gags are pretty clever, like the squirrels using their tails to clean the plates like a dishwater - is a very clever gag. Shot 6, with the squirrels dusting the dust into the mouse hole gives a clear explanation of laziness,  - while trying to sweep it under the rug, but told off by Snow White for doing do, they thought they were cunning enough to sweep it into the mouse hole, and not realising that there is a mouse living under there.

The main animal animators that are animating in this sequence are Eric Larson, Milt Kahl and Jim Algar. Bernard Garbutt has no involvement here, but we do see two uncredited animators working here which are Louie Schmitt and Cornett Wood. I have no idea why Wood is working in this sequence, I thought he was doing effects of the cobwebs, but he did the squirrel, also. I suppose that Cornett was doing character animator before moving onto effects, and later becoming a Warner layout man for Bob McKimson.

Milt Kahl appears to be the animator who animates most of the gags for the animals in this sequence. Shot 15, is a favourite of mine by Kahl - and I've done from framegrabs of that shot, pose-to-pose.

Shot 15 is just perfect animation with some very neat timing. In frames 1 to 8, there is a gag where the chipmunk is scrubbing a piece of clothing with the tortoise being the washboard, the tortoise appears to be making facial expressions of the tortoise giggling, and rather ticklish. The birds, then appear to be taking the piece of clothing away to dry it off, and as the chipmunk wasn't finished, they have a tug of war completion fighting over the sleeve (with the tortoise supporting the chipmunk's strength). Frames 12 to 14, show a clear example of squash and stretch. Frame 15 shows the chipmunk being forced into the turtle's shell  - and that shows excellent timing. In roughly 3 frames shown of the chipmunk with the force to throw him into the turtle shell, is one of Kahl's best scenes - and excellent comedy work that he does.

The sequence ends with Snow White dusting outside the house with the multiplane shot trucking back with a view of the animals cleaning the house and Snow White continuing her song, and enjoying the fun while cleaning the house. As the song in the lyrics, explain how cleaning can be fun and they are happily tidying up the cottage.

This is all for my commentary, the next sequence is the first appearance of the seven dwarfs, and Heigh-Ho. I won't be probably posting (again) until July 15th because I have to stay a school weekend (again), it's not my fault - because my parents are going to Denmark for a week, and I  can't stay at home on my own otherwise it's against the law.

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