Thursday, 28 July 2011

Snow White Mosaic: Part 10

This continues on from the "Spooks" sequence. The dwarfs are convinced that there's definitely a monster that resides up there in their bedroom. As they enter their own bedroom, at the same time - they walk together at the same group and stuck together, and then they notice the bedsheets moving (Snow White) - and I believe that it is a reuse from the previous sequence.

As they pull open the bedsheets, they realize that it's just another human sleeping in their beds, and they are all smitten by her looks. Grumpy, is the only one of the seven dwarfs that suspects something bad about her, and as Snow White wakes up they all hide. From that point, when Snow White looks at the dwarfs the first time, she realizes that they are not children, they're just men, or the way to put it - dwarfs. She asks to greet them, and they don't know how to greet one another. She uses her philosophy and wise guesses to guess which of the seven dwarfs is who.

Out of the seven dwarfs, Dopey is the only one of the seven dwarfs who doesn't introduce himself to Snow White. It is known that Dopey that he never learnt himself how to talk and the audience realize that's why he never speaks throughout the film. Instead, Happy introduces Dopey to Snow White. In fact, Happy is the only one of the seven dwarfs that doesn't allow Snow White to guess who is name is - instead, Happy interrupts and doesn't listen to Snow White's quest "Don't tell me, I'll guess your names," she couldn't even get a chance to guess which one is Dopey - and yet Dopey would've been an obvious guess.

In this sequence, we learn on how all the seven dwarfs are unsophisticated compared to Snow White. Their social skills weren't very good from the start, as they didn't know how to greet one another. Grumpy and Doc tend to argue in this sequence - and even argue horribly in the bedroom fight scenes that were deleted from the film. Grumpy is the most unsophisticated dwarf there. Throughout the film, the dwarfs become more sophisticated and mannered, thanks to Snow White. At first, they never washed their hands and rarely did so - even in the deleted soup eating sequence, they didn't know how to eat their soup properly, and often slurped their soup with those horrible sounds, or funny ways.

Grumpy is one of the main focuses in this sequence, he obviously doesn't want Snow White to be living here, and even in the deleted scenes where he and Doc fight horribly - there's a reason why he doesn't want her to stay. He thinks that Snow White is a witch and would cast a spell on the dwarfs, considering that her step-mother is "an old witch".

This there is the bedroom fight between the scene where the dwarfs say "Gooseberry pie - hooray she stays" and between the shot where the cauldron boils. The scenes do not work in that film, and the voices of the dwarfs have obviously been unedited or just recorded, and that's why the voices sound terrible. The animation is all by Fred Moore, and even Snow White scenes by Grim Natwick, and one scene of Snow White shouting "STOP" by Jack Campbell. It's a "miss" sequence, a sequence that doesn't belong in the film.

In this sequence, the main dwarfs animator here is Fred Moore, and he animates nearly of the dwarfs by himself - except for a few scenes that are animated by Frank Thomas in the beginning shots. As soon as Frank animates the dwarfs pulling the sheets off Snow White - Fred Moore takes over the dwarfs and continues from then on. I really like Moore's animation on the dwarfs, they are so flexible, smooth and very appealing - too. There isn't really bad animation in that sequence, they all work well. When you watch this sequence (as an animation enthusiast or historian), you can really see Fred Moore's animation in the film - with his rubber hose and chubby cheeks he provides for the dwarfs. Fred was a very young animator at the time (around 25 when animating this sequence), and yet he was very capable of animating great acting scenes like when Doc can't control his speech or what he's going to say, Fred was told to be a natural at animation - and never had any animation training - it goes to show that naturals are great at those jobs.

I also like Ham Luske's animation of Snow White a lot. He animates the entire character in that sequence (with one scene surviving in this sequence by Grim Natwick). Luske's animation of Snow White may look child looking, but not too much here in this sequence. I think that Luske's animation of Snow White really works here - she does look very different, from what Grim Natwick and Jack Campbell animate, and a lot younger looking - but the animation does work very well. Ham animates the lips very solid and smoothly done, and I like the way he animates Snow White's eyes differently from Natwick or Campbell.

All in all, this sequence is a great introduction to Snow White and the dwarfs - and they all decide that she could stay (just over gooseberry pie), and in that case - the dwarfs are still unsophisticated.

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