Saturday, 23 July 2011

Parrot's Whisky

I haven't really had much time to go through a detailed and long post today and considering I haven't posted yesterday on Friday, I do like to post down a very funny joke I heard from my guitar teacher which I think you should know:

On an airplane, there was a man and next to him seated was a parrot with a belt strapped around him. As a stewardess walks by, she asks the gentlemen, "What can I get for you?", The man replies, "I'll have a cup of coffee." The parrot rudely replies, "Give me a bottle of whisky or I'll slap you." The stewardess quite annoyed over that response gives the parrot a bottle of whisky and completely forgets about the man's coffee.
The man asks again for another cup of coffee politely, the parrot interrupts and shouts, "Give me another bottle of whisky you tart!" So, the stewardess brings back another bottle of whisky for the parrot and completely forgot about the man's coffee again.
The man thought, "Hang on a minute - the parrot is being rude to the stewardess and he gets what he wants, maybe I should try that...", so he shouts to the stewardess, "Give me a cup of coffee or else," and the parrot shouts back, "Give me another bottle of whisky while you're at there!" So, the stewardess gets very angry and throws the man and the parrot off the place. The parrot then says to the man, "What's the big idea for you - you acted as though you could fly!"

Ha! I thought it was a very funny joke - I wonder if you can figure it out yourself with the punchline?

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