Saturday, 16 July 2011

More Geronimi Stories

I haven't got time to post a new mosaic on Snow White or even write a lengthy article - but briefly. As I got the Walt's People books - and I did more research on him - I manage to find out more stories about him that are also interesting, but also the same hatred provided from the Disney staff.

There was an incident in Art Stevens' interview in Walt's People - Volume 7 where he was interviewed by Pete Docter - Art mentions Gerry Geronimi a couple of times. He's mentioned that while Gerry Geronimi was working on Peter and the Wolf and Stevens mentions that Gerry had used Sterling Holloway's voice as the narrator, and opposes to Geronimi's choice because he felt that the story was being told twice - the narration and the music. He suggested to Geronimi to take it off - and Gerry simply replied, "Nah, I like it that way!"

Another incident mentioned that it appeared that Art Stevens and Gerry Geronimi got into physical contact that involved at a water fountain at the Studio. Art Stevens said: I was leaning over getting a drink of water at the fountain at the library. He came by and gave me a poke that sent me to the sky. I turned around and I hit him back in the dierre. And I said, "Don't you ever do that again." He said, "Just kidding, Art, I was just kidding." I said, "No, you weren't kidding. You like to hurt people." That's what I mean about him gaining strength by putting down others.

It seemed that Art Stevens got into physical violence with Gerry - oh dear. He even mentioned that "The Mafia will come and hunt me down and destroy me", which I think means that Art is expressing sarcasm.

In Walt's People - Volume 9, in a Vic Harboush interview, he described Gerry "as an asshole". He also said that one time Vic got into an argument with Walt Peregoy, and that Ken Peterson told Gerry Geronimi to fire them, and Gerry fired Ray Aragon - thinking that Ray was involved in the argument, and Ray denied it and exclaimed that it was Vic.

Also, Milt Kahl mentioned that he was talentless, and ignorant. He also said something about Gerry which surprised me was that he knew nothing about directing his cartoons, and he only chose the best people in his crew to make it possible and to please Walt. Some reason I find it quite hard to believe that - true, I've witnessed that his crew often saved him and backed him up on ideas, and he seemed quite a picky person, but I still feel that he had the approval for his directing skills and his own ideas. Floyd Norman even mentioned that he had been a "top dog at Disney for years" even despite the fact that his behaviour wasn't good.

Ward Kimball has described him as a man with a New York taxi driver accent before. It appears to be witnessed that Gerry Geronimi got calmer in his later life - and even asked Ward Kimball to "bury the hatchet" and be friends, while Ward still didn't care and felt after all Gerry had done to him - how would he repay him - by ignoring his request.

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