Saturday, 4 June 2011

One Year Today

With 195 posts being posted so far, and more than 350 comments being published (inc. my responses), and with more than 50'000 page views. My blog Blabbing on Arts and Culture has reached one year ever since I created it and my very first post.

You could say that I've contributed a lot of posts in a year's worth of posting, even though I may have been away at boarding school in many weeks. Heck, this won't stop me from retiring, I've still got tons more stuff to share with you and write about. I've even enjoyed the happy comments I've received and I hope that it will continue.

What do you think has been the peak of my blog, like what particular post have I written that has been your favourite in a year, so far? Some might say that my posts on Don Lusk or mosaics have been my peak, but I'd like to hear your thoughts?

Well, this is one year completed, and I'll continue to look forward another year.

1 comment:

RB (Caterwaul Studios) said...


An extraordinary accomplishment!!

Congratulations, I'm both envious and excited for you!

I think it would be just "shirty" if you changed a single thing.