Wednesday, 1 June 2011

They Call Him Merlin Jones!

Here is what I found while I was typing up "Merlin Jones on YouTube, and I found the entire movie on YouTube which is The Misadventure of Merlin Jones (1964). I thought that it was brilliant, and I spent my time watching the movie. I thought it was a decent Disney movie, and it's like a typical popular movie that teens and kids would go to see in the cinemas.

Probably my favourite part is the very beginning in the film with the special titles by Bill Justice and Xavier Atencio, I might make some estimates on what I thought who did who on the special titles. The song by the Sherman Brothers are just wonderful, and it's surprising that not many people know that song well.

I suppose some of the characters in the film remind me of characters from Jerry Lewis' The Nutty Professor except it's not as genius and as funny as that film. Merlin Jones here as made an invention here of a machine in which electromagnetic waves would show - later, Merlin discovered that he could read people's minds.

The film was later followed by a sequel The Monkey's Uncle a year later with the guests such as The Beach Boys.

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