Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Del Connell Still Around?

Hi folks,

Sorry that I haven't been posting in the weekend because I had my Duke of Edinburgh "Qualifying" Expedition in that weekend and I left you with no notice - sorry.

While checking my home e-mails, I noticed an interesting one by Didier Ghez, and it mentions about Del Connell is still alive, and even mentions so in this blog post. Del Connell is a Disney artist, mostly famous for his comic book work in the 1950's for Disney comics, and also did some story work on Alice in Wonderland and The Three Caballeros.

From what I've heard, Del doesn't appear to be in very good shape at the moment - and it doesn't seem to be the right time for interviews, if anyone out there knows any more - ask me. It's very sad to hear from what I've heard, he's got Alzheimer's, which means that he can't even remember anything about his career and so forth.


Floyd Norman said...

Hello Steven,

Your mention of Del Connell caught my attention. Del was responsible for my brief Mickey Mouse career. After retiring sometime in the middle eighties, Del's job was handed over to me. Truth is, I never wanted it even though I'm a huge fan of Mickey. After an initial struggle, I managed to become a Mickey writer and continued in that job until King Features Syndicate canceled the long running strip in the early nineties.

I'm sorry to hear about's Del's condition. Since He worked off site, I never even met Mickey's writer. I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Del passed on to draw storyboards for the big guy.


He was a great man with a great career RIP Del