Sunday, 15 May 2011

School Mosaic Article

Here is a local newspaper article that reached the local papers. It is at my school and it shows that we have completed making some mosaics as part of our Art project. This photo was taken about a week and a half ago on May 4th 2011 - but it wasn't published until about a week later. Here at Moor House School, my GCSE Art option have had the privilege with a mosaic artist to help produce some mosaics for two whole days. This photograph was taken when our Art group presented an assembly on how we made the mosaics.

To make a mosaic, you had to go over a drawing, and trace it. The design would be sent off to the mosaic artist, and would transfer it onto a large piece of word. You get these little chips of broken stuff like plates, etc. and you use "cutters" to cut the pieces, and stick it onto the wood, glue it, grout it - and there's a mosaic.

Making those mosaics was very difficult, it took me ages just to make them - it's not like the "Mark Mayerson style" mosaics. It's actually making them, and cutting them. I also got a blood blister from making the mosaics - and using the cutter was probably slowing me down because I was scared that I was going to get another blood blister.

I was actually the last person of the Art group that completed the mosaic - and I was pressured to finish the mosaic - and I had to rush to finish it. A lot of others completed theirs early either because it was simple and less detailed, while I made a mistake by choosing a complicating one! But, I finished it in the end. My mosaic was a mushroom lying on top of a lettuce with a bit of a tomato sticking out. Boy, it sure was complicating.

From the photo of the students (inc. me) with the mosaics in the background and holding the certficates. My face is second to right, standing. I'm wearing a fleece, and you should recognize from my profile Blogger picture. For numerous reasons, I will not mention the rest of the students their names - because I may not have had their permission. You only need to know where I am, for the time being. Besides, none of us had our names on which rows we sat in.

Photo by Kevin Black.

I won't be posting again until 27th May because I'm going to be away ALL next weekend, because I'm doing a Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Course, and I'll be off camping in the woods and completing a journey. Therefore, as my comback on May 27th - I will be posting Snow White.

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