Sunday, 1 May 2011

A New Draft

It's that time when we get a treat to see a feature draft - and now we have one coming. Hans Perk is going through a busy time directing a stop-motion feature called Miffy the Movie and he's giving up his free time by generously posting the draft for the Disney film Cinderella.

This is going to be very exciting for me to see because I'm interested in who does what in the scenes, and I actually have a soft spot for the film, although it may not be my favourite, but I like the film and animation and I'm interests in who does my favourite scenes. That's what I find interesting. Although, I doubt that I will make a mosaic for the film because I've already done three features and still on Fantasia. Maybe, but I'm planning a break on mosaics.

You can take a look at the draft that he will be posting here. I will be looking forward to his future posts and see what he has to offer. Take a look at his stuff on A. Film L.A.

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