Saturday, 28 May 2011

Grandfather in Old 1950's Article

Today while I was cleaning up my room as I spent all day doing. I came across my great-grandfather's diary and his diary was dated back to 1951 - and there are a few of his diary entries in there. The diary entries were actually not written in until 1953. While looking through the pages, I stumbled across a very small newspaper article dated around 1953/54 - and my great grandfather's name is in there, and even my own father's name was in the article, and he was 7 at the time.

I've currently got the article inside me, and it's amazing how it's survived for many years. At the time, my father and grandfather were living in Papua New Guinea for a few years where my dad's older brother - Charlie owned a company in that country.

I thought that the article is certainly a keeper to me, and here is what it says, by an anonymous journalist.

Mr. H.I. Hartley [Henry Ireland Hartley] and his youngest son, Graham, [my dad] aged 7, sailed from Woolwich on Thursday on the S.S. Mooltan for Australia. They will fly on to New Guinea to join Mr. Hartley's elder son, Mr. Charles Hartley, who is a plantation manager on the Western (Ninigos) Islands.
Mr. Hartley was formerly head gardener at Shimdda Hir, Craigside, Llandudno, and was a popular member of the Colwyn Bay Old Time Dance Club and the Penrhyn Bay Social Club. Before sailing he spent two weeks with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Fawcett, of Maldon, Essex, where Mr. Fawcett formerly of the Llandudno Advertiser is now the Southend Standard representive.

Pretty interesting article for my relatives to be there. I wasn't too sure what the article was about really - but it seems to be about business abroad or something. I will need to talk to my dad about this article.

The reason why my grandfather and father made it to the newspaper article was because they were travelling to Papua New Guinea which is a country in Australasia, and that was quite some news at the time, since not very many people travelled there from England.

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