Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Fairest of Them All Is Up Next

Hello folks,

Just to let you know that of course yesterday, I finished and completed the entire mosaics for Fantasia. I asked if there was any suggestions on what to do for my line-up. I've given it some thought. Eric Noble suggested to do some shorts on Make Mine Music. I've decided that I will post a mosaic for the short Casey at the Bat. Which is part of Make Mine Music. I've also wanted to do one for the short Canine Caddy. I will do these shorts soon.

I've been suggested by Hans Perk, today to do Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Cinderella. It was a very hard choice for me, as I like both films. So, as I couldn't choose. I had to do this fairly - a coin-tossing match on "Heads and Tails". Snow White for being "heads" and Cinderella for being "tails". I flipped the coin and I got the answer.

It was heads.

So, just to let to let you know, that I will be posting Snow White for numerous reasons. First, it's a very popular Disney film with lots of great animation to analyze. Second, I have a feeling that this could have a stronger audience and commenters to tune in and watch this. Third, it's a very interesting draft. I should warn you that the draft has no director or layout credit. Only animators.

 "Bring back your mosaics in THIS!"

I hope Snow White will be a good choice and I will start posting it shortly. Maybe in a few weeks.


Eric Noble said...

I will be sure to look into this. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this. I will be sure to go back to look at the Fantasia mosaics you posted. Sorry that you didn't hear much from me.

Steven Hartley said...

Eric, that's all fine! I'm sure you had your reasons. You're a very kind person.