Monday, 11 April 2011

Moore Confusion

In yesterday's post on my Fantasia mosaic of the Pastoral Symphony segment. You noticed that the character was animated by two Moores: the illustrious Fred and the unknown Jim. Of course, this is very confusing for me and I wonder if that it would be confusing for over people.

However, here in the draft of the "Storm" sequence, the animation of Bacchus is clearly credited to Fred Moore because the draft in the artist column is typed as "F. MOORE" which is very revealed that to be a Fred Moore scene. Although, there is one shot of Bacchus and his donkey that was animated by Jim Moore, and the draft is clearly typed as "JIM MOORE", which meant that it was obviously a James Moore scene.

BUT, in the previous sequence with the Centaurs and Centaurettes falling in love. The draft shows a few typos, the scenes of the Centaurs and Centaurettes were attributed to Fred Moore and that he was long credited for. There were some spelling errors typed such as "M. Moore" or "J. Moore", of course on my mosaic I typed the "J. Moore" scene as Jim Moore because I thought that the scene obviously typed it as the artist. But, most of the scenes were animated by Fred Moore - and the reason why it's confusing for me is because that there are both Moores on the sequence who seem to work on the same character but with different initials that at times appear to be typos.

In the next sequence on the draft - neither Fred Moore or Jim Moore are credited for any animation - and it appears to be that Jim Moore is only properly credited for one scene in the segment - and animating one scene with Bacchus hiding under the wine pat until the thunder bolt strikes it. Of course, if he only did that scene - then he wouldn't be in the screen credits because other uncredited guys like Amby Paliwoda or John Sewall animated more than him.

However, some reason in a way - I feel that Jim Moore originally animated Bacchus and his donkey in the Storm sequence - because he handled the scene and the rest of the scenes had a "MOORE" credit - but those scenes were clearly credited to "F. MOORE" which is Fred Moore. But I wonder what the secretory was thinking while writing these draft pages. Personally, I thought that Jim Moore could've done more Bacchus and him animating Bacchus is an appropriate choice because he did some animation of Goofy before. Although, some reason there are some Fred Moore scenes in there that don't look too much like his work. They don't seem appealing or fancy enough to be his work. But some of the shots actually do look like his work. Maybe, that Jim actually did a few scenes but only the scenes with Bacchus in primary scenes but the secretory did several typos here. If that isn't true, then I'd assume that they must've been drunk or something.

Any takers people?

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