Friday, 1 April 2011

Blog Shutting Down

Hello folks,

I'm afraid that this all has to come to this: recently, I really felt unproud of my posts and the fact that I'm more busy. I'm suddenly turning into a busy school-a-holic and this is going to come to the conclusion of my blog, Blabbing on Arts and Culture to be shutting down. Goodbye readers, it's been a fun ride - 10 months in business and now this is the end.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my postings for 10 months.

This post ends here. Goodbye.

APRIL FOOLS!!!! Heh-heh, it was just a little prank I made just to celebrate April Fool's Day. Don't worry readers, I'm not going to shut down my blog this instance. I will keep on going. Don't start thinking that I will really close down my blog because I won't be.

Heh - heh. Ain't I a joker?


RB (Caterwaul Studios) said...

Okay, you actually had me!

My jaw dropped, and I was about to immediately contact you!! Then, I saw Snoopy.

Decorum prevents me from communicating my initial response.

Now, I can get back to enjoying your Milt Kahl interview.

Steven Hartley said...

Heh-heh, I thought that some people would be worried - but it was a little prank.

I'm going to need to think of another April Fool's prank next year.

BTW, the Milt Kahl interview is not mine - I wasn't around 1976. It was Michael Barrier's interview.