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15 April - Two Disastrous Events

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Today reminded me while I was in town today that it was April 15 - and I realized that it was anniversaries of events in which people lost their lives and that were a disaster at the time. One that was in Liverpool and the other that took place in the Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps that I shall explain what happened:

15 April is a famous day for these events and it seems to be the date with shocking events. I looked up on Wikipedia on that date and there seems to be other dates with sad events - but also events that were good. For example, the light stuff is that one of the many death camps in Germany to execute Jews named Bergen-Belsen was in fact liberated on April 15, 1945 - and they were free but there were still thousands of Jews who died in these camps, Anne Frank actually died in the Bergen-Belsen camp. Back in 1983, there were Disney news - Tokyo Disney was opened in Tokyo, Japan.

But now, I'm going to get across the main events. The sad events that will go down in History:

The R.M.S. Titanic.

THE TITANIC WENT DOWN IN HISTORY: We all know the stories of the famous luxury ship called the R.M.S. Titanic which was at the time the largest luxury ship built in the world. A lot of people described the ship as "unsinkable". However, unfortunately they pushed their luck when at 11.40pm on April 14th the ship hit an iceberg when lookout Frederick Fleet rang the bell three times and called the bridge and exclaimed "Iceberg, right ahead!" Of course, it was very dark outside and it was difficult to spot icebergs, especially without any binoculars.

We all know that there is a sad ending to the Titanic - when it sunk in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, there are many reasons why the passengers died in the Titanic. Well, while the lifeboats were being prepared and launched - a lot of people refused to go into the boats because they thought that the sink would still stay afloat and that it still wouldn't sink. Many lifeboats left the ship only half full, and the rule was "women and children, first" which was men's attitude of politeness to ladies and that children were only young, so the ladies were responsible to look after them. Although, many women refused to step on the boat because they didn't want to leave their husbands when they weren't allowed on the ship. Also, there were many 3rd class passengers who were from a foreign land and did not understand English, and couldn't find their way up the top. However, there was evidence that there was another ship nearby and that it was the Californian and they were so near that they could rescue all the remaining passengers in less than half-hour.

This why this was such a disaster, and there was a great mourn of all the passengers who died from the freezing Atlantic water during the Titanic's fate. It's 99 years today since Titanic sunk down in the mysterious seas. Next year, will be celebrating 100 years - and I'll probably watch the film in 3-D.

Liverpool fans in the football pitch in the disaster event. This was very shocking when it reached the news.

Another disasterous event that took place on April 15, was not long ago and it took place in Liverpool, and IT TOOK 96 LIVES AWAY AND IT WAS THE HILLSBOROUGH DISASTER. This was a shocking event that took place in Liverpool, on April 15, 1989. Which is 22 years ago today. This took place at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield. Liverpool F.C. were in the FA Cup semi-final playing against Sheffield F.C. - a lot of people were entering in the stadium and there was only a capacity of 14'600 people, but it over-flowed. Back in those days, a lot of people stood watching football, there were no seats. They stood on isles. As a result, a lot of people got crowded, and some people were falling from the isles, and it led to a human crush on the barriers in the football pitch - killing 96 people.

After that, it was immediately reported that seats in football stadiums were to be added. Some reported that the police were to blame who were guarding the stadium for passes. It was reported that the police control was weak. It was a very shocking event that happened which will always be devastating for those who saw it and to Liverpool fans, as well as the residents of the Merseyside.

At the point - the famous British tabloid newspaper The Sun wrote an article called "THE TRUTH" about the Hillsborough Disaster and what they claimed wasn't true. Liverpool people were offended by the article and refused to buy copies, and it led to the owners of the newsagent to have no choice but to give away copies for free - and it still was no use. They claimed that "fans beat up the police", "urinated on police" or "picked pockets of victims". Which became a controversial, and the managing editor later admitted that it was worst mistake they ever made.

Although, there have been events that happened on those dates - for example: around Europe last year were the volcanic ashes in the air because of the Icelandic volcano eruptions and there were a lot of flight delays because of the ashes. I remember that very well, as it was only last year on April 15, 2010 and I was visiting my grandmother at the time because our grandfather (the Dove logo designer) had passed away the day before. I wouldn't say that the volanic ashes were a disaster - but it was risky for a plane to be around and it took a while for the ashes to go away. There were other events like minor plane crashes or earthquakes - but without doubt - the Titanic sinking and the Hillsborough disaster were the most shocking disasters on that date.

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