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The Nutty Professor "Review"


Today I'm going to review a film that I saw on Boxing Day and it's a film that I just find hilarious - one of the best comedy films that I've seen and you guessed it - The Nutty Professor. No, I'm not talking about the remake version with Eddie Murphy in it - I'm talking about the original version from 1963 directed, produced, written and also acted by comedian Jerry Lewis.

In the original trailer - Jerry Lewis warned the audiences NOT to reveal the middle the picture. He didn't care if anyone revealed the beginning or end, but he did care about others revealing the middle.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the remake by Eddie Murphy - I hated the fact that he changed the characters and the fact that it was different from the original. To be honest, you have to love Jerry Lewis' performance of Professor Kelp who is a nerdy, meek scientist at a University with a funny, cranky voice and he has a formula that turned him into a handsome, hunky, confident guy named Buddy Love.

The story is crazy and at the time this was Jerry Lewis at his craziest in this movie. The story is entertaining - and at the time it was really made a fine, entertaining, family film. It is just a hilarious movie that can make you laugh out loud throughout the movie. There is a lot of "toilet humour" in the movie and even really crazy stuff that comes out can make you laugh. The story is basically a goofy version of the famous story Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - except its altered and used for entertainment.

The story starts off with Professor Kelp (played by Jerry Lewis) who is a nerdy, unattractive, buck-toothed professor who just created an explosion in a chemistry class - he had been warned about any chemical reactions since he first arrived two years ago by Dr. Warfield (played by Del Moore). While teaching a class, Kelp gets humiliatedly assaulted by a jock who is a bully and stuffs in in a closet full of potions. Kelp notices an advertisement in a magazine which meant about being build up and avoiding bulles. So, Kelp joins the local gym and he causes mischieve like with his poor eyesight mistakeningly referring to people in white costumes as bowling pins and injured them.

Kelp had a crush on one of his students named Stella Purdy (played by Stella Stevens), and she seems to be the only student in his chemistry class that cares for the professor. So, Kelp discovered one day that that he had a formula from his father on how to translate into another person with a different personality. Kelp uses the potion and he then turns into a handsome, cool swinger named Buddy Love - who is a confident, hard looking person who is a bit of a jerk and only cares for himself. He has his confidence with Stella Purdy - and Stella hated Buddy's personality but in a way - she liked his charm.

While Buddy Love smoked, often his nice smooth voice would come back into the annoying, crouchy Kelp voice and Buddy Love has to quickly make an excuse to leave. Kelp has his misadventures of his Buddy Love experiences - until when Buddy Love was invited to the prom - he made a screw up with his voice changing back and then Kelp finally confessed that it was him all along that was Buddy Love. Everyone did nothing except bulk at him.

While Kelp left the prom depressed, Stella went up to him and said that she'd rather be married to a professor than a swinger like Buddy Love. So, they got married and THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS! The ending showed Kelp's father all confident and selling the formulas for being a different person that Kelp used to become Buddy Love. So Kelp and Stella walked away for their own lives to live.

It's a rather goofy outtake on Robert Louis Stevenson's tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the acting and comic timing is excellent. I have to admit, probably the highlight of the film is the Professor - he is a very nerdish character who isn't good-looking and doesn't live in a nice house and isn't really a strong person. His personality is brilliant, he's a very foolish person and that's what makes it great. I think his voice is excellent, Jerry Lewis puts on a voice that totally fits the character. It's rather crouchy, nerdish and annoying. But I think that's how it should be. He gave what the character got.

Even the supporting characters were good - Stella Stevens playing the girl did some good acting - and Stella Stevens was known as a Playboy model and she did some good personality scenes on the character. She had strong emotions and she shows that she's no fool. However, I think Del Moore playing Dr. Warfield who is the head of the University did an excellent job with the character. He had brilliant timing while acting and a lot of emotions. Like the Nostalgia Critic said, he could change the character's emotions in about a milisecond which is fantastic. I always thought he was a funny character - like the scene where Buddy Love keeps on getting Dr. Warfield on and off his office desk and trying to rehearse a line for fun which is "To be or not to be that is the question..." from Hamlet (THERE, I've got it correct) and Love kept on interrupting and briniging him down. It would've have been difficult to act because it's a very long shot over three minutes and they had to get it all right.

The scene that always intrigues me the most or what I find the most funniest is the scenes with Professor Kelp having a flashback to his parents and Kelp as a baby - and I always find it funny with the mother telling off his husband and gets very offended while the timid father tries to be nice to her by calling love names like "darling, angel, love, honey, dearest", the fact that the mother is older and bigger is funny. She always tells him off and says funny lines like "ELMER, if you're not here in just ten seconds, your dinner will go to your family - the hogs.", or the fact that she was so cruel that while Kelp's father reached over to get a piece of meatloaf on the table and the mother shouts, "IDIOT! Can't you eat with your mouth closed?" and then the father timidly just chews with his fork pretending that he's eating. Although at the end of the film, it reveals that the father has all the confidence and the mother doesn't have much confidence. The mother was played by Howard Morris - who is Mr. Elmer Kelp. While the mother is Edwina Kelp played by Elvia Allman who voiced Cabrelle Cow in the Mickey Mouse cartoons.

I suggest that you people should watch the film (if you haven't seen it). It's very funny and if you've got time to spare, then try and watch out for the film and trust me I'm sure that you will enjoy watching the film. For my final score - I'd give it a 9 out of 10.

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