Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Monday and Tuesday Mosaics...

At school on Monday and Tuesday for the WHOLE days - there was a lady who was an artist and trained who worked on mosaics. No, I'm not talking about mosaics that are mine or Mark Mayerson's style. But, actual mosaics that you cut and stick and put it together.

I did some work on my mosaics - it was part of my Art class. I had a fun time, except when I accidentally cut my finger with a "cutter" and I got a blood blister. I still have it on my finger but it's healing up fine. Not really painful - but it was painful in the first few minutes.

A lot of people had their mosaics completed in the two days probably because they had less detailed stuff to do. My mosaic was very detailed and I had a lot to do - it was based on a picture of a tomato and a mushroom with a leaf in the background. How 'bout that - call that easy?

But yes, I think my mosaics for Fantasia or Alice in Wonderland are much easier because you can't possibly get hurt from it - and the fact that I'm much quicker at making them (I've even created mosaics on days when it's meeting deadlines).

Anyways, I found out that my laptop is fixed and hopefully I will continue posting my Fantasia mosaics.

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