Friday, 4 March 2011

Me on the TV

Hey folks, I found the clip of my school that was interviewed by the BBC of Speech and Language Impairment on YouTube today - and it's the actual footage that was broadcast on BBC South Today on January 24th at 6.30pm. As part of the public interest of speech and language therapy because of the hit movie The King's Speech.

I was one of the lucky people to actually have the privilege to have been interviewed by the BBC camera people - and the hosts. But, what was a bit of a shame was that in the final broadcast version - my interview did not make it onto the television because they could only really show roughly a two minute clip of my school out of HALF AN HOUR OF FOOTAGE.

Although it was a wonderful experience, although when four people were interviewed and it was originally just four to be interviewed - but I do recall that I sort of put on a disappointed look on my face because I wanted my shine to be interviewed and share my experience. Luckily, I was given the chance to be interviewed about my Asperger's syndrome - and my clip was roughly about minute long. At the time I was interviewed, I was the only one of the bunch who hadn't yet seen The King's Speech yet and I explained my diagnose.

Those lucky people with the interviews (Smith, Cox, Robson) had their interviews mainly about their thoughts on The King's Speech and how it influenced their life and the struggles they faced. The clip showing me and other people in the Science Room in Moor House School was filmed in the morning. The camera woman who was a young lady told us to not look at the camera and talk about their thoughts on The King's Speech of course, I hadn't seen the film at the time and I didn't have much to say but to pretend that I was in the conversation.

Despite my interview not making it on the screen, but what did make it on the television was myself. If you notice me and know what I look like in photos and pictures, you should be able to spot me in three separate shots - one shot of my head the other way. There is one long shot of me and the crowd, and including one close-up between 1-48 and 1-51.

Of course, it was a little of a shame that my interview didn't make it - but I understood that not all the footage could make it - but I am proud to have made my television debut as a crowd person. My interview not making it didn't really bother me much - although it didn't bother me much when I lost the election in my house team for being Captain/Vice Captain for the Yellow House Team - I exploded when I found out I lost.

Anyways, I just thought that this clip would be interesting and I hope that I will achieve and continue my success in the future...


Michael Sporn said...

Congrats on getting your face onto the BBC. That, in itself, had to have been a treat. Nice to now know what you look like.

Steven Hartley said...

Indeed, I was lucky enough to have myself on to the screen. Although it's a shame the editors had it their way - but that's ok.