Sunday, 20 March 2011

Basingstoke Gym

Hey folks,

One of the reaons why I didn't post yesterday was because --- I was out all day - yes I was.

I woke up at roughly 6.30 in the morning when the sun was already rising - and could've woke up a bit later at 8.15am but instead I woke up that early. I started to organise my trip out because I was invited to an early birthday party with one of my friends and we were going to organise a day out at the Basingstoke Gym in Basingstoke.

I left home at 9.30 and then I met my friends at the train station in Horsham and got our train tickets and then we left for Basingstoke at roughly 10.30am. We did get off at different stations to catch the train to Basnigstoke. We arrived at the town Basingstoke, Hampshire at roughly 12 in the afternoon and then we had lunch. We started to do a bit of our "free running" activities (as you've seen it on my blog). I did some vaulting and climbing trees. We did this on the way to the Basingstoke Gym.

We arrived at the Basingstoke Gym at roughly 4pm in the afternoon and from what I saw it looked amazing. They had a lot of equipment that was brilliant for practicing your Parkour and free running. I thought it was amazing. Of course, the instructors gave us simple rules that we had to follow. When I was at the Gym, at first I felt a bit nervous because I never learn't to front flip before and that's what there's a lot of. So, some of my friends helped demonstrate me how to do a front flip - at the first couple of tries - it was pretty clumsy. But, as I practiced - I did well. Although the problems are that I can't quite do front flips properly - I can do most of it right - like keeping my body in the air but I can't quite land them on my feet yet.

There are at least 3 film clips recorded on one of my friends' camera of me doing front flip practices - one of them was very good that I felt proud of (even though I can't land them) ;).

I was very exhausted afterwards and we finished our day since we booked it for 4 hours. We left at 7.45pm and while I was outside with my friends, I noticed that there was a full moon outside and I shown it to my frinds - I later found out the next day from Michael Sporn's blog and other websites that the moon was at its closest axis on Earth. It did look very close when I saw it.

After walking from the amazing 'Basingstoke Gym' - we had dinner at 'Subway' and then took the train home at 9pm and expecting to be back at home by 10 or 10.30 - but the delays later became much later. We were late for an early train due to us eating dinner - and then we were delayed at Gatwick Airport.

We eventually came back at midnight and it was a really brilliant day for me.


RB (Caterwaul Studios) said...

A great day! Although, I have to admit - I had to look Parkour up! Now, I can't wait to try it!

Steven Hartley said...

RB - I'm glad to hear you are interested. But it's a pretty dangerous activity as well.

RB (Caterwaul Studios) said...

You may have a point there Steven! Perhaps, I'll just draw something about it!