Monday, 21 February 2011

Old Drawings and Crazy Doodles

Today as I've been checking through some stuff in my wardrobe, I found a lot of stuff that I thought would be useful for scanning, some old drawings and scripts that came in handy. However, I decided to take out a few of my old drawings that I did when I was 12 or 13, and that I thought was worth analysing and seeing.

I've always admired drawing and cartoons, and ALL THE TIME while I'm at school. I tend to doodle all the time if I have paper with me, usually at school - people or staff never see me without a pencil/pen or a scrap of paper. I draw all the time - and I do want to improve, and someday I want to be as talented as animators such as Ward Kimball, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl and OTHERS! I improve my drawings at times by studying by either looking at a drawing and comparing it to mine, and do some reworking and reworking.

I've never actually been interested in anime/manga - that Japanese style of animation and cartoons never appealed to me, I often thought that the timing was terribly done. And let me share my secret opinion to you "Anime is a style that I love to hate". However, I always to love drawing in a style of Hollywood cartoons and British comics, and that's where I get my influences from.

Here what I'll show you I've done while I was a potential, unprofessional, amateur cartoonist (I still am using a lot of potential, I'm improving and improving). These drawings I did were really dated about 2 years ago, and one that I found last year. I would just like to hear your thoughts.

I'll start off with my first one:

This here that I drew is in fact one of my earliest attempts of drawing the cartoon steam-trains Casey Junior from the Disney movie Dumbo. At the time, I was really hugely inspired by the cartoon locomotive and I really liked the song "Casey Junior" in the movie. While I was at school, which there was a drawing activity going on and I decided to take part - and even without looking at a picture - I did my first attempt of drawing Casey without looking. Of course, when I finished it - I was proud of it. Now, as I got to know animation and drawing better. Comparing it to my version and the Disney train - mine's not as realistic or as professional as the animators handled it.

If I did do that as an employee for Disney in 1941, I sure wouldn't dare show this to people like Ward Kimball or Walt Disney himself. I'd probably be nagged about my lack of weight, and for not including the other train vehicles.

Ah, here is a drawing that I did exactly almost a year ago - February 25th 2010. I was only 13 and a half at the time. and of course I was getting familiar with animation websites and I was doing my attempt of drawing Pinocchio being translated into a donkey - which is one of the most famous scenes in a Disney film. Of course, here and now this is not what Pinocchio looks like. Of course, I struggled doing his actual hat in the movie - so instead, at the top of my head I (some reason) drew a fez on his head.

I even drew Pinocchio with connected joints in his wooden arms - sorry, I couldn't draw what the Disney version of Pinocchio back them - I was sort of drawing to draw my own Pinocchio - not the Disney version. After I drew Pinocchio, I sort of drew his shadow (which is indeed clumsily staged), and for the sake of it - I drew a small Jiminy Cricket hopping to Pinocchio.

Yes, I know - I'm not good at drawing those chairs and tables. The table legs are extremely poor - it looks like legs to me.

Ah, here is a sheet of paper that I did circa. 2009 - although there is no date to it. I remember doing these drawings very well - I was only 12 at the time and I was wondering around the school caricaturing some of the staff at the school. The lady that is breathing fire was my old care worker. If you look carefully you may notice that I drew two Futurama characters - Leela and Professor Farnsworth with the speech bubble "I'm a hag". I've even filled up the doodles at the back of the paper (that I also scanned).

Here are my caricatures of a few staff at my school back in 2009 - when it was almost the end of the year. The man at the far right at the top with the furry eyebrows with the words "PONG" above it was my old Design Technology teacher Mr. North and I showed it to him and he was almost in a shock with laughter. I even showed it to the deputy principal and he thought that the drawing was hilarious. The man with the glasses with the really bulgy nose was my old ICT teacher Mr. Drew who I always thought was hilarious and daft. He also found the drawing funny.

The man with scribbles on his face (which is meant to be hair) was also my old childcare worker and he is pretty hairy all over his face - so I exaggerated here a bit but that was really aiming for fun and laughter. I don't recall showing that to him.

Here is a drawing that I did more than a year ago when I was 13 - and it's sort of a similar character to the earliest Looney Tunes character Bosko. Of course, if you compare it to Bosko, my drawing here is a lot taller and thinner than Bosko. Of course, I haven't seen that character in quite a long time and I need to take a look at it again and do some reworking for a bit.

I'm afraid that's what I've found that I wanted to post done now. If I find some more stuff interesting in my alcove and old draws and boxes of junk, I'll try and post them again. 

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