Friday, 18 February 2011

A Letter TO Bill Justice

As I found out last week about the death of Bill Justice - I looked at the letter that I still had at home, although this is not the final letter that I wrote - this was my first draft I written - the final one is all the way in California somewhere, probably in Bill Justice's old room, I don't know. Although, I decided to share with what I written.

I have to say that in this first draft I forgot to add his special titles with Xavier Attencio and his Imagineering career for Disneyland. I later wrote that in the final draft of my letter. I believe that the letter I wrote was dated on January 15th 2011 - and I sent it the following day on January 16th from all the way in the cold England. I'm not sure if the letter was late for arrival or not - but I hope that Bill got the letter on time.

In case late Blog readers haven't noticed and haven't a clue what I'm on about: I'll tell you - Bill Justice is an animator/director/imagineer at Disney for many years between 1937 to 1979. He worked on multiple films such as Fantasia, Bambi, Make Mine Music, The Three Caballeros, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and doing special titles and designs for The Parent Trap, The Misadventures of Merlin Jones and Mary Poppins. He is best known for creating Chip n' Dale.

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