Saturday, 12 February 2011

Fantasia Mosaic (XI)

I was originally supposed to post this on Friday but since I found out about the death of Bill Justice - I felt the tribute was a bit more important, though. But don't worry at least we have a mosaic for the weekend as we are still continuing with The Rite of Spring.

We are still continued with the dinosaurs sequence, and here this sequence is basically showing some lives of the dinosaurs and what they probably do for most of the day. The dinosaurs that we would see in this sequence are herbivores, and they were easy to get along with and herbivores which are vegetarian dinosaurs eat plants and what's interesting here is that some of the dinosaurs are trying to share some of the food.

The music in this piece isn't really memorable here - and it's a very calm sequence here just showing some of the dinosaur's life - and what it probably would've looked like. The diplosaurus who are herbivores mainly fight over the seaweed.

ARRGH! I just found out - the struthiomimus dinosaurs were originally the origins of ostriches - HELP ME! Yes, I know what I'm doing is probably very weird but in case you don't know - I hate ostriches so much they're just one of the scariest animals I've ever seen. One of the reasons why I hate them is because I fear that I would be attacked by one or kicked, because ostriches have a very powerful kick and it could kill you. I'm also scared of the looks of ostriches, they're face and body just always freaks me out! The struthiomimuses were animated by Phil Duncan here and darn it - why didn't I ever know that? When I watched them in the film before they seemed freaky and now I know why?

What you will find interesting is that animator John Sibley comes up here in The Rite of Spring. The first time I saw the draft I was surprised to see Sibley on The Rite of Spring because we all know that Sibley worked on Goofy and Sibley was brilliant at comedy action scenes and who could imagine Sibley animating some of the difficult dinosaur animation here? Although I have to admit, shot 27 with the triceratops lacks a bit of weight to me and Sibley probably only just started animating, or found the assignment difficult. I also thought that Sibley animated the triceratops rather strangely.

It's good to see that Woolie Reitherman is here instead of not just animating his famous Fight sequence with the stegosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus-Rex. Although, he isn't given much here in this sequence, he animates the Stegosaurus here and including the reaction shot. Here some of the animators get different assignments - Paul Busch animates the "Archy" flying - and Woolie Reitherman does the two shots of the Stegosaurus, while Phil Duncan animates the family life scenes of the dinosaurs, and uncredited effects animator John McDermott handles mainly the reaction shots at the end - and mainly the brontosaurus'.

What I find interesting is that in shot 30 animated by Phil Duncan is some of the dinosaurs being born after being hatched from their eggs reminds me of the birth of the baby dinosaurs in The Land Before Time.

I'm afraid that I really haven't got much to ramble on really because it's a short sequence, and what more else should I say?

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