Saturday, 22 January 2011

Really Great News (For Me)

Hey folks,

If you are wondering why I wasn't posting on Friday (yesterday), well let me explain: Sorry for my absence because today I was really busy and I had a big day today at school because I was involved in a sports tournament against another school, it was me and roughly 11 other students competing against them in the games of football, badminton and swimming. As a result, my school won the overall competition, and it was a very fun day for me.

I only competed in the sports badminton and swimming because I find football extremely hard and I'm very weak at it, so I wasn't playing it. But, badminton is a very strong sport of mine, and I'm very good at it, and I managed to win a game against another player when I was playing single.

 However, at swimming: I joined in; although doing it again wasn't as easy as I thought. I hadn't been swam for ages and I didn't practice in time for the competition, but I did do okay at front crawl because I'm pretty good at that. Although, I found it extremely difficult when I was doing backstroke because it's not a strong skill that I'm good at in swimming, and it was even more difficult when I had to swim 2 lengths, and I was struggling then, but I made it in the end. After swimming a few races, the teams altogether did a rally and the other school won and we came 2nd.

After the swimming and we got changed into our clothes, our coaches announced the final scores and my school ended up winning, although the school did really good too, and it was a very fair day.

I'm afraid no Sorcerer's Apprentice mosaic today because I just got home and I still need time to finish off that mosaic, and if I don't complete it in time then it will have to be next week.


On the other hand, I also have some news, in fact: really big news for me!

Have you heard of the new film that's currently in cinemas called The King's Speech? It's about King George VI (our current Queen's father), and he actually suffers from speech and language difficulties. He was diagnoses of a stammer, and it meant that when he was talking, he couldn't exactly say what he was going to say in his sentence, and you know that Porky Pig from Looney Tunes has a stuttering problem, well that's what King George VI had.

I heard it's meant to be great film (I haven't seen it), and here is where the excitement comes in: The press and the BBC are interested in hearing people's stories of having speech and language difficulties, and they are actually come to my school on a Monday morning because it's a speech and language school, and they are going to interview a people who were chosen (I was one of the chosen), and the interviewers with the camera are going to question us with a few questions on what our difficulties are.

I diagnose is Asperger's syndrome. There, I've said it: I know what it's like when I have it and what it really means. As I'm slightly austistic (although I've got good Asperger's), and it means that I can have a habit of repeating myself without realizing, and their social skills can be quite poor (my social skills are fine, I was at the tournament today and it wasn't mandatory), and they can have a very strong interest on a few things. Of course, my huge interests of them all is animation - I'm very enthusiastic about it - and I love the business and how the techniques were created and the people who where responsible, that is my hobby. I love to draw a lot, and I like to study and I want to become a really good animator when I grow up. Another strong interest I have is badminton - it's really more of a hobby. I love to play the sport, and I feel that I have a lot of strength playing it, and I feel good. I showed what I was best at in badminton, and I ended up winning one of the matches.

BUT, and I mean a big but: not all the interviews that will be filmed will end up in TV in the news. But hopefully (fingers crossed), that I will be on the television and if I can show it to you, I will post it on this blog.


Phil said...

Hi Steven,

I found my way here by clicking a link in Brian Sibley's blog. You've got some very nice breakdowns of Disney sequences here - good work! I hope you get your wish of being on the telly, too!


Steven Hartley said...

Hey Phil,

Thanks for the plug. Perhaps, I should come and take a look at your blog sometime.

Thanks for the support for my interview tomorrow.