Sunday, 2 January 2011

French Animated-Film Trailer

I found out about this trailer while on the Cartoon Brew site - but this is a YouTube video. Here, I want to talk about my views about the trailer, and this is the French animated-film and based on the French comic, Titeuf, (titled in UK Tootuff).

I know the cartoon-strip very well, as when I used to buy The Dandy when I was about 9 or 10 years of age - and it was dubbed in English, and I remember seeing the comics. I was never really a fan of the comics, but the stories were alright, and the gags were okay. To me, Tootuff was just average to me. It was created by a French guy who appears to have a pen name called Zep. I don't know his name - and I don't have time to look it up. The comic-strip first appeared around the early 1990's - and it was a success. It was later made into a television series, and now it's been made into an animated-feature which will be released in April 2011.

So here are my thoughts about this trailer:

Of course, this trailer and the film are set in French, and I wouldn't have any idea of what language they are speaking, because I know very little about French, and I have no idea what they are saying. I don't speak in a foreign language, as I go to a speech-and-language therapy school and foreign languages would be difficult for others - but I could be capable to study it, but I think I'd probably be bad at it. There were even Spanish classes taken after school and I signed up for them, also shamefully I skipped most classes, and skived. I wish I hadn't skived because I would've learnt better at languages. Although the teachers never suspected which was good.

Now, the animation here in this film is decent, the character animation is great, and I like the fact that the French are now bringing us traditional 2-D animation, while nowadays, it's all 3-D and CGI that, while here it is pure 2-D traditional cels. The backgrounds and layouts are great, and appealing.

However, I do have some bad points here:

Firstly, I don't like how the characters act here and their personalities. The character's here are just drawn ugly, and they're certainly unappealing. Bits here where I'm looking is just gross and pure toilet-humour. I think the film would be more liked and appreciated by younger audiences, and adults probably won't like the look of the film, and the gross stuff that happens. What disgusts me is the fact, that the two kids are pushing their nostrils out and then "green boogers" come out of their snotty noses, and their faces are reflected on the green snot. Gee, this animated-feature is nowhere near topping Snow White. What I probably find the most disgusting, is this "hard" looking kid has a wart in his nose, and he squeezes it, and then some horrible stuff splats into the mirror. Urgh! I hate the feeling of looking at it, and doing it.

However, I have a small idea of what the plot of the movie could be - it certainly relates to a girl here, and maybe it has something to do with puberty or something. Because I see that "Tootuff" (I don't even know his name), and he wakes up from bed and then he looks at his private ideas, and then goes "Phew", it looks as if he had a bad-dream or something, and he turned into a girl or something.

I feel when the film comes to the cinemas in France (and abroad), I have a feeling that the film will be a success to the film because the humour would appeal to them, but I just don't feel that it would also appeal to the critics, and I have no idea of how Tootuff fans would react to it - because I've never been a fan of it, personally and I have no idea of how happy or disappointed they might be.

Now, I'm going to let YOU decide on what you think the film will be like.

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