Saturday, 15 January 2011

Celebrity Caricatures (II)

Hey folks. Here is the second and final installment of my caricatures of celebrities - that my dad posted to me via e-mail last week. Let's hope that you saved the laughs and giggles from last week and to continue for today. This is a continuation from my previous post.


 Spanish actress Penelope Cruz at the top and American acclaimed actor Robert De Niro.

 Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson (top), and Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker (bottom). Urgh, she is hideous.

 Scottish James Bond star Sean Connery at the top, and Italian star Sophia Loren at the bottom.

 Two acclaimed stars: The "hunky" Tom Cruise (topty) and "ugly" Sylvester Stallone (bottie).

 American "Pulp Fiction" actress Uma Thurman (top) and superb "Forrest Gump" actor Tom Hanks (bottom).

 American entertainer Whoopi Goldberg at the top and Japanese actor Bruce Lee at the bottom.

 Icelandic singer Bjork (top) and popular British singer David Bowie (bottom).

American jazz singer Chet Baker.

 American singer Dolly Parton (toptie) and American composer/pianist Duke Ellington (bottie).

 American entertainer Elvis Presley "I'm all shook up - Uh, huh-huh!" (top) and British insane guitarist Eric Clapton (bottom).

 "WOW! I feel god!" American singer James Brown (toptie) and Liverpool music god John Lennon (bottie).

 Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards at the top and Aussie singer Kylie Minogue at the bottom.

 American rock n'roller Lou Reed at the top and American entertaining pioneer Michael Jackson at the bottom.

American entertainer Madonna. I find her overrated these days.

 Rolling Stones vocalist "big-lipped" Mick Jagger (toptie) and Canadian guitarist Neil Young (bottie).

 Beatles/Wings god Paul McCartney at the top and Aerosmith leader Steve Tyler at the bottom.

 American singer Tina Turner "Simply the best - NOT!" at the top. Olympic skate-figure Katarina Witt at the bottom.

Well, that's my postings for the funny caricatures done - and feel free to comment on what you thought about them. If me dad sends me more caricatures of celebrities, I'll post them again. But, that's just a maybe, and I'm not keeping promises.

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