Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Woody and Buzz Coincidence

Just the other day; I thought about something; and it's really kept into my head and of course we all know Toy Story and Woody Woodpecker, and Woody was a memorable from people's childhood created by pioneering cartoonist Walter Lantz; while Toy Story is such a brilliant, animated-feature by Pixar and produced by one of the bosses of Apple, Inc. Steve Jobs.

Well; I just noticed and I thought that this was quite a spooky coincidence; and the two main characters of Toy Story are Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear; and we all Buzz's famous line "to infinity and beyond!", or Woody as a stuffed toy with the line, "You're my favourite deputy!".

Woody and Buzz. Gee, isn't that "bunny ears" sign with Woody's hands a bit old now?

We all know that Woody Woodpecker is best known for his phrase "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!", and often in one of the opening titles he went, "Guess who?"; and he had a nephew and niece named Knothead and Splinter, and known for his arch-enemy Buzz Buzzard (gee a funny similar anagram to Woody Woodpecker, another coincidence, it's like "Woody Woodpecker", or "Buzz Buzzard)."

Woody and Buzz. Heh-heh; look how lively Woody and how menacing Buzz is, WATCH OUT WOODY!!

Now, I've that both Woody's and Buzzes in Toy Story and Woody Woodpecker, and I thought that the two characters shared the same names, and those characters were the main characters in the show/film. Earlier on Woody was a rival to Buzz Lightyear, and it's like Woody Woodpecker who IS the rival to Buzz Buzzard.

I just thought it was a coincidence, and a bit spooky that they have the same names; and the fact that they were the main stars, and I wondered if Pixar ever plaigurised or stole the names, or it was just a name they created themselves, I doubted that they were plaigurists; because they produced so many great movies.

However, I notice that probably the most famous and well-known Woody and Buzz are the Toy Story ones. Because, on Google Images; you will see a lot of Woody and Buzz Lightyear pictures, and when people hear words using "Woody" or "Buzz", they'll immediately think about Toy Story; and a bit less of Woody Woodpecker. But, Woody Woodpecker has been on for a long time; but it still has been popular over the years; but probably not AS popular as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, etc. While Toy Story has been critically and financially popular ever since it first popped up on the screen, and it's always been a favourite to a lot of people in the public.

However, I'm going to let YOU DECIDE.


zion said...

Want to know something REALLY strange? Something perhaps, beyond coincidence? In season 2 episode 5 of woody woodpecker, woody is made to believe he's a old west character and says, "I'll make him never forget he messed with Sheriff Woody".. and just a few episodes sooner, my wife had seen an episode where buzz introduced himself as Buzz Lightyear!

Two incidences too close together makes me think there was no coincidence.

Anonymous said...

seems to me that a lot of things in toy story trilogy were taken from disney's movie the brave little toaster. i also read that all pixar movies were made while teamed up with disney.

DonC said...

Just watched Woody Woodpecker Season 2 Episode 1 on netflix with my kids, Buzz gives his name as Buzz Flightgear to Woody's nephews. And in that same episode he says "To infinity and beyond!" I just assumed it was created after the Toy Story movie.

Jeremiah Shively said...

I'm watching it right Now with my kids. Holy crap mind blown! Can't be coincidence