Friday, 3 December 2010

Mummer's Play

Well, as it's December and there's only 22 days left 'til Christmas, I want to write something Christmas related; just yesterday; I was looking through some stuff and I noticed that I still had the script of a "mummer's play" that I was involved in last year in a school Christmas production.

So here is the front page of the "Mummers play" I acted on:

Some of you may be thinking, what on earth is a "mummer's play"? Well, if you read the front cover with the title Christmas Entertainment that'll explain what it meant - it is said to be a tradition of way back in the Middle Ages in Old England and it was performed with a group of actors called "mummers" and the mummer plays were performed by Morris dancers.

Of course, Morris dancing was an old Christmas tradition that it's been going on for hundreds of years in England that there is no record of what period it all started. It still even goes on today, my History teacher is a Morris dancer and that's his hobby. If you have no idea what "mumming" means then I suggest you read the front page.

The script (I believe) was part of a book on one of Terry Deary's books because I recognize the illustrations that's often used in Deary's books.

The cast in this small two-page script is:

The fool (a fool)
Saint George (the Christian)
Slasher (the non-Christian)
The doctor (a money-grabbing fraud)
The cruel driver (the owner of a performing horse)
The horse (two people with four legs between them)
Audience (invite rich people - they'll be asked to pay)

I was acting in that short script as a small Christmas production, and I played the fool (although I don't have photos on me, though), but I was wearing a Morris dancing jacket on, and I was wearing a jester hat, and I wore tights to go with it (and mistakenly) wore VANS shoes, Oops! It was fun to do, and when I went on stage it certainly gave the audience and friends chuckles because of the clothing I was wearing! The fool was a rather wise character, and Saint George is a rather brave character, who is a hero, and Bold Slasher is the enemy to Saint George!

Although, this script shows the story of what a mummers' play looks like...

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Eric Noble said...

Excellent! Sounds like a lot of fun!