Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day, Folks!

Hello all,

I know, Christmas has passed - and now here we reach Boxing Day. Well, I think the Christmas spirits haven't fade away, and I don't have time to be writing my long articles, but I do want to share a picture that looks tasty to eat on Boxing Day.

Now, Happy Boxing Day folks and I hope you've enjoyed Christmas - and this picture of this terrifying ostrich wants me to eat it so I won't see it again! (Yes, I have a phobia of ostriches).

Yes, I found it on MySpace - but there's lot of pictures on Google of this. It looks real, but it's obviously fake because in real life, ostriches don't have teeth and some daft editor added teeth to go with it, but it's clever. Now, go away and let me enjoy my dinner. ;)

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