Saturday, 27 November 2010

VIZcious Viz Strips! (Yes, Not a Great Pun)

This post, I'm going to talk a little bit about a famous British comics, and it's really aimed for adults, and it contains a lot of silly, adult humour and I understand a bit of the humour - let's see if you understand the humour.

First, a bit of history: Viz first ever appeared in December 1979, and it was founded by Chris Donald. Because of the funny humour that appealed to many British people, it became an immediate success, and eventually the 150 copies had all sold out within hours! It appears bimonthly, and eventually the circulation is (according to 2009) is roughly 1.2 million, and the motto on their website was "BRITAIN'S 3rd OR 4th FUNNIEST MAGAZINE, MAYBE 5th" or "THE MAGAZINE THAT'S BETTER THAN NOTHING", "YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT, YOU HAVE TO BUY IT!" The slogans and motto are pretty funny, because it really explains that no magazine is perfect enough to reach Number 1, and it's funny and truthful that Viz were being truthful.

Viz is currently celebrating it's 200th issue, and it's only a bimonthly issue, and it's often worth the wait! They often spoof on British comics like The Beano or The Dandy, and the famous Dandy star Desperate Dan and they parodied the character, named Desperately Unfunny Dan or another Dandy star named Winker Watson and unfortunately named Wanker Watson.

So, here are a few of the strips, and I must admit: I've never been a fan of it and I never grew up with it because I was only little and I would never understand the humour well; so I'll show a few of the comic strips that I saw today and thought was quite funny:

Yes, there's probably no stars in there - but I hardly know Viz well at all - I was just looking at a few today and I decided which ones were funny and which ones that I thought weren't too funny!

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Eric Noble said...

Not really my thing. I don't mind puns, but an overabundance of them drives me batty. Thanks for sharing these.