Friday, 19 November 2010

It All Started With a Mouse...

I know, it's been too long and I hate not being online and catching up the news, and so as I'm now back online; as a treat--I'll celebrate Mickey's (official) 82nd birthday. Happy Birthday Mortimer (I mean) Mickey. Mickey Mouse is as "old as the hills" and he's still appreciated by the public, TODAY!
Of course, Mickey Mouse was already around before November 18th 1928; and he first appeared in his very first short, Plane Crazy - although at the time Mickey wasn't as popular as he did today and he didn't get the feedback that Walt Disney wanted, and Disney was at a rough time when he lost the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - and it was only Walt, Ub and Les Clark and a few other crew left to think of a new idea - so, Iwerks ended up sketching and sketching animal ideas until a mouse was suitable to be a star. Iwerks said to have completed animating the short in 6 weeks--although, it didn't impress the audience and Walt understood why and he kept on searching for ideas that the audience haven't seen, and cartoons in that period were just silent, while motion pictures like The Jazz Singer had become the first "talkie" - and Walt introduced sound to the third Mickey cartoon Steamboat Willie and he synced the sound onto the short, and when it was shown on cinemas -- it became an immediate success and it's considered as one of the greatest and memorable cartoons to this day!
Walt originally wanted to call the character "Mortimer" because he used to have a pet mouse named that - but his wife Lillian hated that name and suggested to name it "Mickey" and that's Mickey Mouse as we know today. Back in 1928, Mickey had huge goggly eyes, and had no shoes or gloves and no dialogue.
Mickey had massive breakthrough in the 1940 segment of Fantasia "The Soceror's Apprentice", and this time Mickey Mouse was given a new design, he was slightly taller, his face was given a normal skinnish colour than pale, and Mickey had "pupils in his pupils".

Here was the famous scene of Mickey in 1928!

Here is Mickey we know today!
After the breakthrough of Steamboat Willie - Mickey was merchandised everywhere: comics, books, telephones, record albums, television, etc.
It was the pinnacle of Walt Disney's career when Mickey Mouse debuted and Walt's career has extended and increased when Snow White came out and Disneyland. Some big biz-career Walt had got!
So, as a treat I'll show one of my favourite Mickey cartoons and it was the first Mickey cartoon in colour and you guessed it, The Band Concert. Animation by Les Clark, Dick Huemer, Gerry Geronomi, Johnny Cannon, Ugo D'Orsi, Cy Young, Woolie Reitherman, Jack Kinney, Roy Williams, Dick Williams, Archie Robin, Louie Schmitt, Frenchy DeTremauden, and directed by Wilfred Jackson. Enjoy!

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