Monday, 1 November 2010

Funny Monty Python Sketch

Before I leave school and it's the time when I won't be posting - I'd just like to share you a funny sketch I saw on Monty Python before and the sketch is about the origins of "SPAM".
SPAM, is a food that's like ham but cheap and not as nice as ham, I don't mind eating it very occasionally - but I remember at a Halloween party almost two weeks ago - I dressed as a tramp and I was eating sandwiches of SPAM, everyone thought it looked horrible and it made a horrible smell in the room.
I love Monty Python all the people in it are hilarious: John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, etc. Monty Python has made tons of sketches, and even made several feature film productions (my favourite one is Monty Python and the Holy Grail) and they've written many funny songs but my favourite and probably most famous is "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!" which has at least one or two swear words but the one I have on my iPod is actually a Radio edit because I looked through CDs now the popular Now That's What I Call Music! series and I actually found a Now 20 CD from 1991 and the Monty Python song was in it!
So, enjoy the watch and remember...look at my Alice in Wonderland mosaic.

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