Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fougasse Drawings!

Last week when I visited the Cartoon Museum in London - I saw an expedition on a British cartoonist named Kenneth Bird, but best known for the pen name Fougasse, I'll show some of his drawings and he did some propaganda during the Second World War with a series of drawings titled "Careless talk costs lives." Which was famous around Britain at the time - and I'll show some other drawings he's done.
Cyril Kenneth Bird (born 17 December 1887 - 11 June, 1965) was a British cartoonist best known for his work for his editorship on Punch magazine and his iconic World War II warning propaganda posters.
He served for World War I at the army and was seriously injured during the Battle of Gallipoli - and then left the army and served as a contributor on the famous cartoon magazine, Punch, and then went on to design funny cartoon pictures, advertisements and then was well known for his propaganda posters on "Careless talk costs lives" - it meant that anybody who was telling gossip about Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, and saying they shouldn't gossip because, Hitler could be anywhere where you are.
I'll show some of his propaganda posters:

Fougasse has got a great style to his drawings - and it's similar to what Sam Cobean has done before - and also, the "Careless Talk Cost Lives" posters were a warning and also entertaining at the same time - because as I've said, you are talking about him and how terrible Hitler was, and the most important thing people ought to know that anyone could be listening to what you were saying, even on a bus and who knows: it could be a Nazi. It could be anywhere, in a bus, a restaurant, a telephone booth, ANYWHERE!
Kenneth Bird has done many, many other drawings - although I thought that sharing you the propaganda posters would interest you and I wanted to share with you.
There is an exhibition about him at the Cartoon Museum in London - and anyone who has got the time to go there - I've already seen the exhibition and it's great, and I suggest to those who haven't been and it's worth the visit.

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