Sunday, 7 November 2010

Alice in Wonderland Mosaic: Part 4

Here is Sequence 04.0 "Caucus Race" - directed by Ham Luske.
This sequence basically continues from the previous sequence, because this sequence starts with scene 47.
Now, that Alice had finally gone through the Doorknob, and she is miserable and depressed because she has nowhere to go and she is in the middle of the sea - until she approaches the Dodo - but thinks it's nothing, even though she's asking for help as well as the other caucus groups, and Alice keeps on pleading, "Help me!" - she then joins the Dodo and the other creates on the Caucus race - and she goes completely balked that running round a lap makes you dry - she does it for a while until she sees the White Rabbit, and leaves the Caucus race and continues on her following the White Rabbit.
A lot of Alice is animated by Hal Ambro and Les Clark, Clark animates the character the first half (in the bottle) and Ambro animates the second half during the caucus race.
Animator Bob Carlson, handles the caucus race well and some reason - this sequence reminds me of something that Jack Kinney would've worked on - but Ham Luske is the director, I wonder if Kinney had any involvement at all, like early in the production?
Josh Meador does most of the water effects - and his water effects works well, although it doesn't feel realistic - it just looks rather much like a cartoon water and his water isn't as real or powerful as they are on Pinocchio or Fantasia. It feels like Meador has followed too much on Mary Blair's style (oh, and by the way; Mary and Lee Blair's house is on for sale). Meador's bubbles just don't feel very complex or real (look at shot 63.1 - the bubbles just don't feel right!). They remind me rather much of foam instead of real water, but maybe it was production costs or something!
Interesting to see that Ken Anderson is also credited for layouts, although he was credited for "Color & Styling" in the film.
What has put me off a lot in the sequence is shots 66 and 68 - it's the caucus race singing; sure, the animation is fine, and the timing is well-paced but what annoys me the most is how the Dodo's nose is incorrectly painted (it's painted as his skin colour). Obviously, it must have been an ink & paint error; but did it have to be like that through the 19 ft scene?!
Compare this to the caucus race song and Milt Kahl's scene:
See, the Ink & Paint on the final picture is just right, and even afterwards in Scene 68, there's still the wrong ink & paint error on the Dodo's beak - it always puts me off, maybe the Ink & Paint artist got the wrong colours and it was the only colours she had close to the colour - I don't know!
However, in some of the scenes - the colours for the water and tears effects are just not right - and look at some the scenes (for example scene 74) the colour looks purple - what, was there some type of acid that changed the water's colour??
After all, it was quite an annoying entry because I had to match a scene of Alice, Caucus racers, and effects - and about all the names of the drafts had been named animator by character: CARLSON (Caucus racers & Dodo), AMBRO (Alice), MEADOR (Water) - yes, it is very helpful and a lot of the drafts is named with the assignments, it usually happens in the drafts directed by Ham Luske, but I'd prefer to stick it the normal way with just the names!
Woolie Reitherman pops up the film animating a few scenes of the White Rabbit, shot 82 with the umbrella is quite amusing - as he is more concerned about the time than being wet and ruining his clothes!
Milt Kahl appears to animate single shots of the Dodo, while Bob Carlson animates the Dodo and the caucus racers in a scene. Milt Kahl handles the Dodo well - even though it's not very memorable.
Next up, is one of my favourite sequences, stay tuned!


Eric Noble said...

Very good. INteresting difference in how Milt Kahl and Bob Carlson draw the Dodo. Bob Carlson doesn't give the Dodo a chin.

Excellent work!!

Steven Hartley said...

Good identification skills, Eric!

John V. said...

Animation breakdown:

Les Clark continues animating the bottled Alice after one shot in the previous sequence. When she's on dry land again, Hal Ambro takes over.

At sea, Bob Carlson animates the Dodo and the miscellaneous creatures, but Milt Kahl takes over the Dodo for the caucus race.

Steven Hartley said...

You can also say that during the Caucus race song - Milt Kahl animates the Dodo when it's just himself and Bob Carlson animates the Dodo along with the caucus racers!