Monday, 1 November 2010

Alice in Wonderland Mosaic: Part 2

Here is the second entry for Sequence 02.0 "Down the Rabbit Hole".

Alice is now following the White Rabbit and Alice isn't sure of either following her down the warren - and Dinah follows her (isn't so concerned) and then Alice falls down a steep and Dinah almosts falls down but manages to stop at the edge and brakes.
The layouts and background paintings are superb since it demonstrates Alice's mood and the fact that she is going the rabbit hole and it would be very dark down there - and then Alice notices something that there is a light switch and the walls and picture frames are very strange looking, Alice doesn't seem to notice anything strange but you can tell that she is all amazed by the look of where she is, but she starts to get even more suspicious when she's all upside down and notices the map of the world and thinking she's at the Inner Core of the Earth.
A lot of Alice is animated by Don Lusk and he handles the character animation very well, and he deserves praise for his work because Alice is now floating down the rabbit hole and it must be a hard task of animating a character who has to float and move a little - it also must be a dull job.
Shot 13, of when Alice turns upside down in a 90o angle is an excellent job of animation because, it must have been difficult to animate the shot with Alice rotating upside down and Lusk would have to do it very carefully and it's not easy doing assignments like this.
Don Lusk, as I've written an article about him a few days ago - and he handles the sequence really well and I think it deserves some acclaim and if they did do Housepoints or Gold Stars at the Studio at the time, I think Lusk would have deserved some gold stars.
What sometimes puts me off in this segment is on Shot 5 (the gag of her blouse floating is amusing), the animation is good but what does put me off is the Ink that was traced on Alice, I just don't think it's the right, and the inks and colours just seem too dull and there's something that it's lacking, and I'm not too sure what it is, I've seen the wrong ink in a few of the shots before, maybe they had to use it because she's underground and it's so dark and they had to visaulize it on what colours would be appropriate for her.
I must say, Shot 15 of the White Rabbit by Hal King is pretty good because the fact is that it's upside down and I wonder how King did that, did he get the animation scene he was going to work on and placed them upside down and then traced it? or was it the cameraman got the scene in normal but placed it the other way. Anyway, it's a good animation scene because it's well staged - and this segment shows the first Mary Blair style which means that she could possibly well in Wonderland!
Although, it's a rather small sequence but it's well animated, staged and the layouts and backgrounds are brilliant in terms of mood. We don't see much of Wilfred Jackson until very later on in the film!
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Eric Noble said...

Wonderful!! I always loved the scene where she's floating down to Wonderland. Always fun. All animators get top marks here. Now begins the fun part. On to Wonderland. Excelsior!!!

John V. said...

The mosaic images don't seem to be links to the full size versions.

Animator casting in this sequence: Most of Alice (generally falling/floating) by Don Lusk, with minor scenes by Harvey Toombs and Hal Ambro. White Rabbit (one shot!) by Hal King, and Dinah by Hal King, Eric Larson and Judge Whitaker (one shot each!) So, cast pretty much the same as the first sequence but with Don Lusk in place of Eric Larson on the Alice animation.

Steven Hartley said...

Don't worry, John: I've fixed the links and they should be working!

Torgo25 said...

The "down the rabbit hole" sequence is my favorite scene from this film due to all the complex animated sequences that it features. The part of this sequence that still amazes me to this day is Shot 3, where Alice completely flips over as she waves goodbye to Dinah. It's so fluidly animated and perfectly timed that it must have been especially challenging for Don Lusk to pull off. Kudos to Mr. Lusk!

Steven Hartley said...

If you'd be interested (or already) know that Don Lusk is in fact still alive at the age of 97!

Torgo25 said...

Perhaps what I love most about the shot is the way Alice's bloomers (long frilly underwear) are on full display when she flips over. It's such an adorable detail.