Sunday, 31 October 2010

Woooh - It's Halloween!

Hey folks,
As today is Halloween and I'd wish I was out celebrating - but I already had some sort dress-up party around last-week.
However, as it's Halloween today: I do feel like I shall tell a spooky story - it's not a story I made up - I heard that story while I was at Hindleap Warren (an activity centre) and they have an interesting creepy tree known as The Witch's Tree and I'll tell you what became the origin of the Witch's Tree:
"Long, long time ago when Oliver Cromwell was in charge of England - and years ago in Ashdown Forest, the canoe shop (that's now in Hindleap) used to be a cottage and it belonged to an older, ugly woman named Harriet Elton.
She lived a quiet life in her cottage and she used to make poisons for example: bad poisons if people wanted to commit suicide, or love poisons if a male wanted a girlfriend, and other various poisons.
At that time, a people of people believed in witchcraft and they all hunted down the forest, because they believed that a witch was living there - and they all rushed into Harriet's door and grabbed her, she was arrested and accusing her of witchcraft, but Harriet said "I was only trying to help people". She was then taken to court - and then the judge proclaimed her as guilty for witchcraft and was sentenced to death by being burnt alive!
As, she was tied to a pole and about to be burnt, they put the fire on, and the flames wouldn't spread - it didn't work! She proclaimed, "I'm innocent" - but the people didn't believe her! The only way the people thought about killing her was stabbing her with a stake in her sleep, and so they did.
She was stabbed and buried underground in the middle of the woods of Ashdown Forest and then she says "I'm still innocent, you'll be sorry!". So, then as the days went by, the stake that was still in her chest just grew and grew and then it became the witch's tree.
The people who were involved in the killing had been cursed and met a tragic end: The man who stabbed her with a stake was carrying a cart of barrels and then one of the wheels went off and the barrels crushed him to death. The man who tried to burn her and buried her in a coffin met a tragic end and one night in his house, there was a terrible storm and then a lightning bolt struck his house, killing him and leaving his wife as a survivor. The third man who proclaimed her as guilty has later killed when he was hunting for food and later got poisoned by eating mushrooms.
BUT, what is probably the most spookiest thing to happen to visitors who do see the Witch's Tree see the most spooky thing and whenever they look behind, they'd see a horrible, ugly-looking woman in black clothing who is known to be Harriet Elton."
Well, that's all I have for my story - if it didn't scare ya, well it's the only known scary story I seem to know that I do find spooky.
I'd just like to say: MERRY HALLOWEEN - more like: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Anonymous said...

when i went to hindleap warren i heard i slightly different version of that story, the witch was tied to a tree and about to be killed when a lightening bolt struck the tree and the tree split half way but not completely and the witch disappeard

Steven Hartley said...

Ah, maybe the version I heard was slightly different or I must have forgotton that! Thanks Anonymous person!

Anonymous said...

I heard that story b4!
It's hilarious when the Man said he died in agony by eating...a MUSHROOM