Saturday, 2 October 2010

My Collection of Drawings and Influences

Its been a while since I scanned stuff and quite recently I've been posting articles along with YouTube videos and now I'll scan some of my many drawings that I have done and most most of them are from today...
Drawing is my talent, some people in my school or friends just are amazed at looking at my drawings because some can draw but they can't get over at how funny and well I do my cartoon drawings and even in my Art GCSE class when I'm doing Still Life drawings right now, my art teacher is amazed at my work. Although I must say: I'm more of a cartoonist than an artist who does fine art (even though I'm quite good at it) and I'm pretty useless at model making and I hate getting dirty with mod roc.
Yes, most people are amazed at my drawings and that I draw very fast - but when I was first started drawing cartoons I had no training and I learnt it myself and I think how it all began was when I saw a picture of the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants and I copied it and then I looked at it and it seemed pretty fine. So I practised a lot of my drawings and I was using the style of the cartoon artists for the comics The Beano and The Dandy - and although the way I used to draw people's shows were just scribbles - now I can draw them fine but I don't tend to give shoes fashion. It was really the Beano that inspired me to become a cartoonist and I remember doing some drawings for a local school newspaper and it was published almost two years ago and I still have the copy and I would like to scan it but unfortunately its TOO big. I later got inspired by Walt Disney, Warner Bros' animation and Tom and Jerry cartoons and at first Tom and Jerry inspired me to draw the old fashioned cartoon way and then Disney inspired me to draw character's emotions but Tom and Jerry inspired me BIG to become interested in animation - and then I studied some Disney artists and then the first of all the Disney animators that got me inspired was Ward Kimball the man. His work was so unique and fun and that got me to learn about his style and I started to draw the Kimball-way.
Although at aged 14, sometimes my drawings are too small and I try to enlarge it and I sometimes have struggles with it on my Art GCSE's that I draw too small and I'm getting better at enlarging. When I got Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston's book The Illusion of Life on my birthday I got to learn more and more about animation and this blog was my influence on animation and I learnt a lot about Disney and its animators from early-2009 to now and even I'm still trying to find out more!!
Anyway, enough with the chit-chat, here are my drawings:

This drawings was based on Ward Kimball's square-dance sequence in Disney's Melody Time segment "Johnny Appleseed".

Another drawing that I based on "Johnny Appleseed", I must have forgot to signature that!

The Witch in 'Snow White'.

A caricature of my Uncle Robert who co-wrote the 'The Play What We Wrote" which I scanned the entire play in August.
Just a random drawing of a tough man and an old cartoon-style animal queuing up to beat up a certain person.
Well, that's all I'll show for some of my drawings - feel free to leave a comment and comment on what you thought of my it - opinions are fine and even if you want to make some remarks on what I could have improved - I won't bite ya!


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Eric Noble said...

Interesting. I would suggest starting with Preston Blair's book of cartooning before getting into more complex characters like the Old Witch.

Not bad. I can see you have a lot of potential. I say keep going to your life-drawing classes and such and you will be a great cartoonist yourself!! You'll probably be better than me at any rate. :)

Steven Hartley said...

Yes I like drawings, although some of these drawings were sketches and usually in sketches you can't expect to be great - that's what I call my sketches or drawings.