Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Bit on "Paranormal 2" And Sequels

Just a few notes...
The new Paranormal Activity sequel titled Paranormal Activity 2 - seems to be going well currently in the cinemas worldwide and the budget is $3 million, is which significially over budger from the first film which was only $15,000 - but it seems to be doing well at the moment, it's made more than $60 million which would be a big $57 million profit (it's better than nothing!).

The reviews seem to be kind and warm, even though most sequels like the Rocky sequels, Jaws sequels, Rambo II, etc. turned out terribly by film critics, although that's their opinion I guess - I can be a BIG critic myself! Paranormal Activity (the first film) got a 82% on Rotten Tomatoes which is a very high score - while Paranormal Activity 2 got a good score of 68% and most sequels don't get a score that high! Although, I haven't seen the film - I hope to, soon.
One of the reasons why I'm maknig a note about is - because most sequels are never really that great, I mean - look at the Disney "straight-to-video" sequels; they're terrible, it's just pointless - because it's just never the same and they completely lose their charms and they don't realise how bad it is - I guess the only reason why they make it is for the money and only to entertain young Disney fans who don't realise how bad the sequels are.
However, when the movie Jaws first came out - Universal Studios demanded a sequel which became Jaws 2 and it turned out "ok" with audiences, although when it came to Jaws 3-D and Jaws the Revenge when it got silly and "what's the point of making a film that the audience wouldn't like?"
Other acclaimed films that turned out with bad sequels were Rocky, Rambo, The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.
Although some sequels turn out to be great: Look at Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 - they're both as acclaimed as the first Toy Story - The Godfather 2 turned out to be as good as the first film, Star Wars sequels were pretty good although the prequels were "alright".
BUT, and a BIG but - don't try and be influenced by film critics and always agreeing with them because it just spoils it leaving you with no opinion, I was just trying to get some hints - sometimes the film critics like I don't like and sometimes there's a film that the critics hates that I like. So, you should feel free to express your own opinion.
There's many film critics out there: famous ones like Roger Ebert, Jonathan Ross, etc.
There is an American online film critic, known as The Nostalgia Critic by Douglas Walker who basically reviews films that turn out to be horrible and those horrible films are usually "nostalgic" and around when he was a kid 1980's/early 1990's. Although, he uses his film reviews for entertainment and when he reviews a film on what doesn't even make sense - it's like he's brainwashing you and making you think it's a terrible movie, although I notice that in some of his videos: he only really reviewed the films as entertainment. The Nostalgia Critic has done over 150 reviews and he's also known for his "5 Seconds Movies" which he shows clips of a film and thinks of clever tricks of making it funny, some of them are very funny, I might post one or two of his 5 Seconds videos. The Critic has reviewed mainly children's films like The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (considered it as his WORST film), Bebe's Kids, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, Star Wars Christmas Special, Super Mario Bros: The Movie, TMNT, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and many, many MORE!
The Critic sometimes does a list known as a "Top 11" list like "Top 11 TV Shows", "Top 11 Saddest Moments", "Top 11 F*ckups," and at one stage he reviewed a Top 11 review on mistakes he put on his videos in the past!
That's all, folks!!

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