Saturday, 16 October 2010

Banksy Simpsons Intro

A couple of days ago - whilst at school, a teacher showed us a video of an opening intro of The Simpsons, and it was created by famous graffiti artist, Banksy, and it was used for the intro on the Season 22 episode MoneyBART - it shows some of the graffiti in it, with Banksy's name on it. When the Simpsons' family reach to the couch; underground are some group of Asians who are making Simpsons merchandise and I thought it was pretty funny but also controversial. Who could like to share their thoughts on this video.
You would see that some of the main introductions of Bart leaving school after his chalkboard gag actually saying in this intro, "I MUST NOT WRITE ALL OVER THE WALLS." With some of Springfield Elementary School gratified with "Banksy"'s name on it.
Executive Producer of the show, Al Jean said, "The concept in my mind was 'What if this graffiti artist came in and tagged our main titles?'". Jean said Banksy, "sent back boards for much what you saw". According to Wikipedia, Fox's sandards and practices department demanded a handful of change, but, according to Jean [again], "95 percent of it is just the way he [Banksy] wanted."
The Simpsons has already begun airing new episodes for the new Season 22 - and the cast is signed through its 23rd season - Matt Groening, the show's creator says that the show would stop unless people stop watching our show - it looks like that The Simpsons is going to go on for a little while longer.

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Zartok-35 said...

Yeah, The Simpsons needs to end, doesn't it? It hasn't been any good since season 15.

That couchgag was alright.