Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Annoying Orange 2: Plumpkin

Before I leave to go back to boarding school, I'd like to show a bit of video and its based on a series called,The Annoying Orange and yes - he is very annoying!! Just a quick post, I have no time for a longer one, sorry.
The Annoying Orange is bascially about one orange that's very annoying and bascially whenever like a fruit arrives - the Orange would just bore them to death by annoying them and telling very corny jokes (they're the type of jokes I like) - he uses a lot of puns and they're so groan-worthy and I wouldn't say he's pure Vaudeville I say he's pure revolting!
There's about 43 episodes of the The Annoying Orange series and there's tons to see on YouTube and I'm only going to show Episode 2 when he encounters a pumpkin and mistakingly referred it as an orange because I find it pretty funny and hopefully when I'm not busy I'll post some more!! Just going to them of you find it amusing - and if you don't like and find it HORRIBLE AND ANNOYING!!! I see your point ;).

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