Friday, 22 October 2010

All Thing's Well...

Hello all,
I'd just like to say that for my school that it's half-term and I'll be able to post some stuff during the week and hopefully I'll post the second half of the Pecos Bill mosaic.
I've had quite a good week at school - even though, I have been in heated arguments with a certain person who shall remain nameless, but what was good that in my school: if your a senior boy (like me) every half term whoever achieves good beahaviour in class by: handing in homework on time, improving effort in lessons and being on time, etc. would get a "Senior Award" there's three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Luckily, I got Bronze to start with and I was the first in my school year to get it and I feel proud ;).
All's well, just busy...

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