Friday, 17 September 2010

Parkour Stuff

I just realised that during the week that when I was looking at my blog title Blabbing on Arts and Culture, I realised that I've been talking far, far too much Arts, and I've been lacking on a bit of culture, and I felt what's the point of calling Blabbing on Arts and Culture and call it Blabbing on Arts instead, but I was thinking of something linked with culture and I thought it in a millisecond and that was the activity that I do, free-running.
For some of you people are not familiar and may be thinking "What on earth is 'free-running'?" well let me tell you some of the key stuff stuff:
Well, Free-running (proper name "Parkour") is an unusual activity which is quite popular in the town I live in which is named Horsham; and its an activity you'd see that many of the people would be jumping through buildings but we don't do that always, but what we mostly do are a lot of vaulting through fences, walls or doing front-
flips and land them and all sorts, and its quite fun but it can lead to injuries...
This video I'm currently going to show is a video are my friends from home and they do the activity and its actually a fun activity and they're my age (I'm 14) and truth is I'm in this video and I do a free-running trick and I climb through this wall and I jump through - no joke I'm actually in this video (try and look at my profile pic and identify that its actually me)!!
Yes, I do free-running as an activity and I joined at February this year (the same month when I created my Blogger profile), and I'm learning some of the main basics still and I can't really do front-flips and I can do vaults and jumps and climbing and all that, but I'm just a learner and I'm a member of their group PK Motion, although I only appear at one shot at this video and I should appear at 0:52 of the video, the 52nd second of the 5 minute video - yes nothing special and exciting in what I do but this was my video debut and I'd like to show you some of what my friends have done.

Oh I should point out that about the last 2 or 1:30 minutes of the video that there are some goofy outtakes which I find quite entertaining - it was really just added there for a laugh - we all like a laugh.
If you'd like to see more, there's more videos of us PK Motion on videos there's a bit more to see although I'm not really in much of their videos and I don't really appear a lot in there, just like cameos, and there's another free-running group that's older than I am myself and they're very-well trained and very good group called Horsham Movement and they've got quite a bit of videos and they're available on YouTube.


Eric Noble said...

Damn man!! You have some truly athletic people where you live. I'm too fat to do that kind of stuff. I would have killed myself the first time out. I really can't do it now, as I've already broken my ankle once. No way in hell would my mom or girlfriend ever let me pull a stunt like this. I have to give props to you guys. Well done.

Steven Hartley said...

Yeah, I know you do have to be pretty athlete to be doing this type of activity - although I must say I can be very athlete as well. I walk to town when free-running is on, and on Tuesdays I go to an athletics club, and sometimes if I have time I'd go on a bike ride.

Yeah, I enjoy doing these type of things. Also, I play an awful lot of badminton and a lot of people think its a girl sport while I very much enjoy it, I used to do a lot of swimming but I stopped doing it for a short time because I had some cramp in my foot.

I'm pretty good at the sport Rounders (similar to baseball) and I remember once my school held a competition and my fingers were injured at that time and I managed to hold a bat fine and my team had 3 games each and each of those games I scored a rounder (like Home-run) in all three games, and when a presentation came up (my teacher did some edits of me running in it showed that music like Chariots of Fire which got the audience laughing).

I'm always full of energy and I must say I'm pretty fit at doing things even though I'm pretty much thin and not quite six pack. Sports I'm weak at are football and others.

By the way, thanks for being honest and I know not everyone is great at every sport but Eric, you are a fantastic artist with a fantastic blog.