Friday, 24 September 2010

Paranormal Activity Sequel Demanding Your Way!

Here's a trailer that I've seen quite numerous times, and I find it pretty mysterious and creepy...
To those who may be unfamiliar let me say a bit: Yes, this is the trailer to the sequel of Paranormal Activity and clearly called Paranormal Activity 2, and when you look at it its not very long like most trailers and its only about a minute while usually a trailer is 2 or 3 minutes but it could catch your attention.
I've seen the first Paranormal Activity film and its about a couple who live in a house and they film footage during the night of strange things happening in the house by some invisible demon, usually at night time they would hear loud footsteps on stairs, or thuds on the floor, and at one time they put powder of the floor to prove if there was any hallucination and actual handprints are shown which is freaky and scary stuff like the door just SLAMS shut.
The first time I saw the movie Paranormal Activity was at a party in March earlier this year and it was sort of a slumber party and we were watching some 15-rated films at night and the first of them we watched was Paranormal Activity and I looked at the reviews from the DVD we rented from Blockbuster and it said like: 'One of the scariest movies of all times' or 'Don't watch it alone!' and it seemed that the critics were pretty creeped by it and we were all pretty excited about watching it...So, as we watched the first few minutes it starts off pretty slow and the film cameras were filmed like The Blair Witch Project and I thought the camera and filmmaking was great and it was such a low budget film with no stars, little number of crew and some amazing effects which were amazing like the scary footprints entering the bedroom or the bedroom door moving slowly with no crew people doing it which is just amazing! The film just scared me out of my wits, I was just so frightened and so were my mates and I thought it was arguably the scariest movie I've ever seen. That film really scared me and there was certain scenes that frightened me and I ended up getting nightmares at some nights and sometimes I'm not looking forward to turn my light off because I'm sometimes scared of the dark and my mind plays tricks on me because sometimes I think I hear footsteps but its just my mind!
Although, when I heard about a sequel coming I wasn't too excited but when I saw the trailer I was pretty amazed and interested and I needed more information becuase there was very little information but so many clues to come in and a mysterious trailer which involves around a baby and a dog instead of humans in their beds trying to sleep.
Now we're wasting precious time, onto the trailer!
Now, on the website, I noticed that if you click to rewind the trailer who may notice some very strange things of some random footage which shows some extra information that's needed to know; it shows more of a baby, and it shows a picture of the baby crying and it looks like the mother is trying to comfort the baby and you notice a hand with a green thumb-nail, now it definitely looks really creepy, and what is it: nail varnish, goo?? Who knows? and here's a picture:
Here is a crying baby and a mysterious hand and I do not know who the couple - it can't be the same from the first film because they were already killed by the ghost/demon and I really wonder who could that be?
Also, look at these strange pictures from the rewinded footage:

Another interesting secret scene - this one I find probably the creepiest and I can't quite make-out what's happening there, it looks like some human (probably a demon) jumping into scene in front of a camera and if you look really closely you could see the baby crawling on the floor. Spooky.

Also, you may notice some note in the trailer upside down (I couldn't notice it - I found this picture on the internet), and its so creepy because there's the baby's crib and the baby is not in the crib but the baby is in the mirror reflection of the crib and there's a note upside down saying 'what is happening to hunter?' Hunter? Who's Hunter? I'm guessing its probably the dog that was in the trailer. Although I hate the feeling of a dog in the film that's going to be killed because I am a dog person. Weird, the baby in the mirror reminds me of a part in Roald Dahl's book The Witches and there is a boy that got captured by a witch and ended up in a painting of a farm and at different times of the day the boy would be at different positions and its pretty spooky reading it and I'm guessing maybe a demon placed the baby in the mirror, I'm not sure!
Although, I'll leave it here, it shall remain a mystery and we don't find out the evidence until it reaches the theatres in October 22nd less than a month's time - aww I want to see it now!! Although I may not be able to see it at a theatre and I'm only 14 and its probably going to be a 15-rated film and in cinemas, workers are very strict about people's age and sometimes if there was a 15-year old who wanted to see a film one of the cinema workers sometimes wouldn't let them in because they don't look like 15, Odd. I'll probably wait until its out on DVD.
Demand it!


Sean said...

Paranormal 2 will be at least okay, the trailer is decent. The first one scared the crap out of me. Scar 3D looks better, in my opinion.

Steven Hartley said...

Yeah - the first one scared the life out of me and the film really caught my attention and its causing me wanting to watch the film 'The Blair Witch Project' which was released in 1999 and they use the camera footage and I've seen parts of it, looks creepy.